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  1. It was actually played as a snippet, just after Civil War, replacing Voodoo Child.
  2. I think they haven't been rushing the songs for some time now. I've been noticing steadier tempos since like 2017 or something. In addition to it, when I listen to Reykjavik 2018 IEM's, I can clearly hear a click track right after the end of Paradise City, so it's pretty much a past issue. However, I find all this tempo subject so silly. Lots of people who complain about it loves listening to Ritz 88 and don't say a word about the rushed songs - Adler even forgets to play the last bar of It's So Easy! The same goes for Taylor Hawkins' version. I think it's much more a matter of drum tone or EQ, although it has got slightly better since 2019 North American tour.
  3. Bumblefoot said he recommended Marcelo Barbosa (currently on Angra) to the band, when he was leaving in 2014. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2052411081465754
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