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  1. Does anyone actually remember any of these songs five minutes after hearing them? This sounds like it belongs on a School of Rock Rock Guitar 101 compilation.
  2. Dug the video, thanks for sharing. Is the Moonwalker cabinet yours? Loved the Smooth Criminal special powers, stages, and outfits on that LOL
  3. He drop out of the fandom in the down years I wasn't around? Living under an assumed name? Online alias? Pele, is that you?!? BTW, awesome you were at the show. Wish we could jump in George Carlin's Bill & Ted phone booth back to 2006, have a chat in person, and enjoy those gigs all over again. Special days.
  4. Of course! While we were dance-walking to the seat! Thanked him for the leaks, too! Lots of opinions out there about the guy within the fandom, but, I can only judge people by how they personally treat folks in real life, and, in that moment, he was a gem.
  5. Quick funny story about that 2006 Hammerstein run - this one's especially for the old-timers - since we're looking to change the subject. I'm sitting in the balcony for night three, right? Now...I can walk up and down steps, but, standing upright going down steps at shows can be really daunting for me. Anyway, struggling to maintain balance, holding onto the rail, when a seemingly random dude runs up, grabs my arm, literally holds my hand, and walks me down to my seat. That seemingly random dude? darknemus! Yes, a truly chivalrous gentleman, indeed!
  6. What, exactly, am I "shitting on"? Certainly not Guns N' Roses. You don't know me from Adam, but, I guess you're right. I stole my buddy's sister's Appetite tape when I was 8, had GN'R on a birthday cake when I was 10, drove my wheelchair in Manhattan for four nights in 2006, walked around on canes until my legs were burning, with my wife and I enduring a wild mosh pit up front in our wheelchairs on night one (Robin dove over the rail, directly into our laps during the encore and I kissed his forehead after thanking him for sticking around...), all because I want nothing more in my life than to shit on GN'R for my own amusement.
  7. So...feel free to discuss GN'R, but, only in the manner in which we see fit. Database codes are infinitely more interesting. Let's return to those.
  8. Having been here since at least 2004 (I think I remember having an account here even earlier than that. I believe the board was reset at some point?), I definitely wouldn't characterize myself as someone who pops in now and again to talk about how boring GN'R is, although, I'm admittedly not as engaged here as I was from the early aughts to around 2010 or so. Having said that, how productive and informative is it for one to point out how lame someone's opinion is? It's the same empty calorie trash heap no matter which side of the mountain you're standing on.
  9. OK, sure. What else is there to discuss, though? It's a freaking forum. Bullshit is the point. That's all we're doing here. That's all any of us are doing here. Do you think there's gonna be some huge news broken in this thread that your eyes will somehow pass over and you'll miss out on because of Pele's posts? If anyone doesn't like the BS, why not simply try to avoid it and post in another thread? Maybe starting your own thread about a different, fascinating GN'R-related topic and see how it goes? Make a cool thread and I'll be happy to post there. Otherwise, I couldn't care any less about GN'R's anti-social media thread or toy trucks.
  10. I'm talking about the activity level. At least the discussion around his theory gets the juices going around here a bit. Pele, for the love of all that is holy and good, take my challenge upon your shoulders, and watch the activity drop to nigh non-existent levels.
  11. Seems to me like this place would be a husk of a corpse without all of the Pele talk, since all of his posts attract the same folks who feel compelled to compulsively defend the band (alongside all of the others at the margins crying about Pele re-posting), while, at the same time, those same individuals whining and calling foul ad-nauseam over Pele are ironically the same folks responding to him over and over. Who's really at fault, then? Here...Let's try a group experiment, if only to mix things up a bit, shall we? Pele, do me a favor....Stop posting in this thread for a week. I want to see how thrilling this place is otherwise. My guess? The ones who rattle off the Magna Carta each time you post really don't want you to stop, even if they aren't consciously aware of it, because, let's face it: Everyone asking for you to quit wouldn't have a shred of anything else to talk about around here if you did. Aside from Slash's new record, Pele's posts and the responses to them are the most active thing going on.
  12. I hope this post was written as ironic parody... Five, ten, or FIFTEEN years? Axl singing Jungle at 75? CD2 AND a new album? What are you smoking, and can I have some?
  13. "As far as new GUNS is concerned, we haven't even gotten to that point of really in earnest sitting down and writing," How could anyone possibly perceive this as a positive development? They've been reunited as a trio for half a decade already. The level of rationalizing , planning, plotting, theorizing, and excuse making around here is near pathological. In 2006, it was all very mysterious and intriguing. In 2021? It's just depressing.
  14. I guess I just don't have much of an ear for "rock n' roll" anymore, then There's so much more interesting music out there, and, life is too short. Just like John Frusciante's former guitar tech , Robbie Allen, once told him, "You need the Peppers because you need a pro-level producer to tell you when to reign in your ambitions, and the Chili Peppers need you because they can't write a song without you." Slash is a legendary guitar player, but, he needs competent songwriting partners to frame his playing. I personally find his solo stuff incredibly stale. Again, it isn't a challenge or a competition, and he doesn't need anyone to defend him. YMMV
  15. You didn't ask me directly, but, as someone else who thought the song was mediocre, I'm going to answer LOL Honestly, what does the quality of anyone else's songs have to do with Slash's output? In any case, bands like Queens of the Stone Age find ways to write catchy tunes that rock hard, still have a groove, and yet also find inventive sounds and textures to add character to their songs. Even the rockier tunes on St. Vincent's latest have infinitely more imagination and creativity in their arrangement & production than anything I hear coming from Slash, with the same tone, same pentatonic scales, etc. How about Gojira? The most recent Tomahawk? The new Maiden album? The last Priest? Maiden & Priest are a generation older, and either of those albums, IMO, have so much more variety in texture than anything SMKC can muster. As always, YMMV
  16. More generic, middle of the road, colorless hard rock from SMKC. Other than the middle eight/solo section that repeats at the end, this song is entirely forgettable. Leaves your mind as soon as it's over.
  17. My pee-pee wiggled for a split-second when I clicked on this thread. Damn you
  18. GN'R isn't exactly Liquid Tension Experiment, John Zorn, or King Crimson, are they? At the risk of sounding like a music snob, listen to some more diverse music, y'all, come on.
  19. Come Februray, ABBA will have as many officially released songs over the past thirty years as GN'R, and this is their first album in forty years!
  20. I'm a bit in the same corner. Been a fan since I was 7 or 8 years old in 1988. Lived through the peak, supported the new line-ups, hung around here for all of the madness. At the end of the day, for all of the magic these people were/are/can potentially be capable of, life is fkn short...There are still a ton of great bands putting out fantastic records on a regular basis... As much as GN'R scratches a very particular itch in a way so few bands have & can in my life, waiting for 60 year old millionaires to drop a ten-to-twelve song album based on speculation, innuendo, and what-ifs ain't my idea of a party. It was one thing when there was a mystique around Axl and what this Howard Hughes-esque madman was cookin' up, but, now? If they do anything, they do it.
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