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  1. Disagree. Grace McKagan is amazingly talented, so is Frankie Clarke. Adler, Stradlin and Rose have no kids that we're aware of.
  2. I don't think any sane individual could believe such unrealistic scenario.
  3. This is an interesting part: The public has no idea what went into Steven's parts and the notion of getting through songs in rehearsal if ever, with no exaggeration, was unfortunately a nightmare that neither I or Izzy could take, and eventually the others as well, though they lasted longer for other reasons. For some reason I always thought Izzy was the only member who voted against Steven being fired.
  4. I am not saying Matt's book is a great read but this is too harsh.
  5. Yep, you're right. Completely forgot about that. "In November 1992, BLACK SABBATH played two concerts with Halford on vocals as the support act for Ozzy Osbourne on the last shows for Osbourne's "No More Tours" tour in Costa Mesa, California. Rob sang for SABBATH after Dio, who was the band's vocalist at the time, refused to take the stage." Wondering if the audience had to listen some Sabbath songs twice during the night.
  6. Well, Gillan joined Black Sabbath but I guess it is different as he became a permanent member.
  7. It's pretty evident that SMKC are on a higher level when it comes to pure technical stuff/tight band things. Because they have a great drummer and a great singer (you don't necessarily need to LIKE his voice/tone but at least he delivers every night). Of course Frank CAN play and Axl IS still Axl as a person but that was not the question.
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