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  1. I guess most of you remember the pre-The Project/VR era of Camp Freddy. Duff, Slash and Matt (among others) played together more than once and some really cool videos are still up on youtube. I think Izzy joined them at least once as there's the Jumpin' Jack Flash video of all of them playin together, there's the Mr. Brownstone audio (there used to be a video floating around too but for some reason it disappeared and now only the audio is available). And I know for sure Izzy had one more spot with the actress Gina Gershon, they did Ring Of Fire together. There are some pics from this particula
  2. I know how you meant it but this is (unintenionally) SO funny and totally contradictory to what we've been experiencing for last 4 years. :-))))
  3. Please do me a favor and try to define what "b grade musician" means. Thank you.
  4. And the last one will be Mr. Izzy Stradlin. Haha!
  5. Cool, thanks. But I mean something different. I remember reading something somewhere Marc actually plays on the Pressure Drop EP and is not credited because The Black Crowe didn't like the idea of their new arrival being credited on someone else's record? Or maybe Jimmy Ashhurst mentioned it in some video? Mark's long time friend and collaborator Craig Ross is credited though. EDIT: Oh, they even discuss it in the podcast (around 24:40 min.). Case closed.
  6. Interesting, gonna take a listen. I remember Mark and Izzy were working on something together prior to JuJu Hounds? Or am I wrong?
  7. The title of this thread... My first reaction was... And then... Yeah, after all these years I guess deep down I'm still the same naive fanboy I used to be.
  8. The band is tight, both two songs are cool but I think young Trujillo plays way too much, he's all over the place. I know he's a great supertalented musician but hey, you should serve the song, buddy. Especially when you're a bass player.
  9. It wasn't. And even if it was it still doesn't mean shit.
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