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  1. The title of this thread... My first reaction was... And then... Yeah, after all these years I guess deep down I'm still the same naive fanboy I used to be.
  2. The band is tight, both two songs are cool but I think young Trujillo plays way too much, he's all over the place. I know he's a great supertalented musician but hey, you should serve the song, buddy. Especially when you're a bass player.
  3. It wasn't. And even if it was it still doesn't mean shit.
  4. This is interesting even though it's not about the songs you mentioned:
  5. From the article: “Axl hasn’t got fat!” Beta says. “He loves feijoada, he loves black beans with rice. But now he’s leading a healthy lifestyle. He has a personal trainer and has gained 20 pounds (nine kilos) in muscle. He works out four to five hours a day and goes running every other day." Yeah, right...
  6. Could be. OR he's the most normal/down to earth guy of them all.
  7. We're in a climate crisis indeed. And it's far more important than anything else. Doesn't mean there's no such thing as a social climate.
  8. I did not "message" you. I just publicly answered your post as it was directed to me and other members are reading this thread. That's all.
  9. Sorry, but I don't get you here, mate. I just don't understand what you mean so I'm asking. Guns were/are not responsible for some idiots playing their songs on their fucked up party, right?
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