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  1. Ah I wanted to be on the right side where Slash was but once I got to the pit there were more people on that side than anywhere else, so I just settled for the middle. Yes now that you say it it was Fortus I was hearing more than Slash. I also had some drunk dudes around who were singing pretty loud in the beginning and terribly off key but once the alcohol wore off they shut up!
  2. He played a snippet of Rumble HEY I saw you there! And both times Axl waved at you! It was so cute to watch, I'm happy for you! Didn't mean to take so long to check in! First pit concert for me and it was worth every penny. I was like 3 row in the pit, dead center, so whenever Axl jumped up on those riser/monitor things I had a GREAT view. Literally everytime he or Slash got up there I just stood there smiling like a fool taking it all in. I got to the arena on good time. The last bits of the line were getting through the door. Right away me and my cousin found the nearest merch booth and I got a number litho while he got a bandana. Then we made for the pit. Mammoth was very good and there were some hardcore fans in the pit. Wolfie introduced a song called Think It Over and said it was his dads favorite That boy can definitely play. I was surprised I liked the animated intro before guns took the stage. Before both bands there was a plague doctor on the screen which made me smile because I find plague doctors and their attire fascinating and also with the virus around you know... - Nighttrain in concert is a whole other level! LOVED IT -Axls voice got better as the show went on even though he did struggle during some parts, but he seemed to get more rasp. He can still run around and move like the old days which made me so happy to see. Throwing the mike stand around -He was in a good mood, randomly sang "oh give me a home where the buffalo roam..." and that R kelly bit made me laugh out loud. I guess since he was sweating so dam much he had to change shirts alot. He'd run into a little black tent off to the side I guess to change and drink some tea with honey? - Like others have said he jumped onto the piano and posed. Slash leaned over and said something to him, probably called him a slut -When Slash did the short Rumble solo Axl said some facts about it being in Pulp Fiction.. "And this has been trivia night with Axl." -Band intros, saved Slash for last and played along with forgetting him, "That's all right? That's everyone? Pretty sure. I didn't miss anyone right? Help me out" -And like others noted Slash played his ass and tophat off. Seriously. Dude was on fire, no breaks. -Fortus can shred it too when given the chance. Was very impressive. -Duff was as cool as a cucumber IT was funny seeing him make faces at Axl especially at the end of one song (cant remember) when he held the last note longer than normal, Duffs leaned over and looked at him funny -Saw Meegan sit off to the side and I think Beta came out and sat next to her? -It was nice to hear some CD songs (even if it was just 2) live. And hearing Estranged live was too damn sweet as was DTJ and Civil War. I've never been too much of a fan of KOHD. -Wichita was a nice reprieve. Well done. -At the end Axl threw his mic out to the crowd. It sailed right over me and a drop of sweat? spit? Landed on my arm The sound was iffy at points or so i thought so. Maybe where i was? Sometimes I'd miss parts of a slash solo or it'd go in and out. But I'm so glad I took the chance to see them again! My inner 16 year old has been flying high since then. The whole next day I couldn't stop smiling when I'd think about it. I'll post up the pictures here hopefully by tomorrow (this thread desperately needs some!) My phone started acting up so I had to transfer them to laptop. I'll include the litho too.
  3. Alright! On the way over! See you guys in the crowd. Be on the lookout for my bright shirt!!
  4. I was just listening to the illusions albums last night and thought how nice it'd be to hear Perfect Crime or Shotgun Blues or Breakdown.
  5. ok that shirt aint half bad. If the litho is the same I'll seriously look into buying one. Any of you guys used SeatGeek before? That how i got my tickets and haven't had problems
  6. What does Dallas litho look like? Has it been posted yet? (Ihopeitsnotdallascowboysinspired)😒
  7. Been thinking bout wearing a bright green/yellow Bucee shirt so I can be singled out by Axl. Like when he told a guy at a past concert 'thats a bright fucking shirt'. 😁
  8. Should we take signs that say 'mygnr members meet here' 😅
  9. I haven't received any emails stating that vaccine proof is needed for the show. Been checking the AAC website weekly and it says masks are required. There's a note about the Harry Styles concert on the 11th stating vax proof is needed. So that means for GnR is should be masks only needed right? I'm so....nervous? excited? I've never been in a pit at a concert before
  10. Im still looking forward to it! But also not keeping my hopes too high incase they do decide to pull the show last minute. I mean its what - 3 weeks away? Who knows...
  11. I regret not sticking with Quant trading. Back in November it was around $30, now it above $80 and keeps going
  12. After being buying tickets last March right before lockdowns and getting a refund for the show that was suppose to be August, I'm once again hoping to see the band this September here in Dallas! I got pit tickets and it's my first time being in general admission. Besides getting there early to try and get in far front as possible, anyone have any other tips/suggestions??
  13. This post didn't age well! How did you make out during the blackouts?
  14. Merry Christmas forum people I don't know and will never meet Keep dodgin' that Rona out there!! A fabulous one at that! Look at those jazzhands!
  15. Started the series TURN last night on Neflix. And I am ashamed at how much I forgot about early American history
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