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  1. This post didn't age well! How did you make out during the blackouts?
  2. Merry Christmas forum people I don't know and will never meet Keep dodgin' that Rona out there!! A fabulous one at that! Look at those jazzhands!
  3. Started the series TURN last night on Neflix. And I am ashamed at how much I forgot about early American history
  4. Oh no! Chaffing!! I've heard some stories back in the day from people in a runner group I was attending. Getting into the shower after a long race and screaming bloody murder when the water hits the chaffed areas There's a magazine called The Runner that has loads of info if you're into it. Plus they do regular running shoe reviews which are pretty informative. I use to buy Brooks brand running shoes from my local running shop and they are pretty pricey. But after awhile I figured I don't really need them since the longest I run is 3 miles at a time There's a website for the maga
  5. YES. I think he has a great talking voice and it would be asmr heaven for alot of people. Plus if that interview back in 2008 (I think it was?) the one with Bach and Ian is any indication, then yeah like you said he's got some great stories to tell us all.
  6. Like Trent Reznor, do movie soundtracks and music etc? I can see that and am surprised he hasn't done more of that over these years. But, I don't know how well he works with others in the recording room...that could be an issue
  7. That's great! Do you use a running app of the sort? I've been using the Runkeeper app by Asics for years now and I barely found out it has training programs to help with speed and turnover. Fartleks and progression runs etc. It's helped me stay focused and not get stale with my running. I'm working toward a new PR for my 5k this year and I'm behind!
  8. Well...it happened. Someone living with us got the Rona. Its been a week so far and he hasn't really improved. He sleeps alot and doesn't drink much liquids. The rest of the family got tested and only 2 out of the 4 were positive, although the other two who were negative were already sick with colds, whaddya know? I'm not stressed, just awaiting my turn I guess you can say. I'm trying my best to "isolate" but since I've been working from home for months and really don't go out much anyways, I still like to at least go to the living room and be outta my room a bit Hopefully I'll sta
  9. Thinking about getting AMC plus. I watched the recent episode of Soulmates knowing I shouldn't because I know the story is not gonna end well (cause Blackmirror writer). But the writing is so good even though it ends on a dark note, and it pisses me off
  10. Yeah it was pretty good. I had a chuckle seeing Cavill in a suit because he looked too buff and I was waiting for him to bust a seam!
  11. Started watching Parks N Rec again, and oddly enough my watching schedule timed it to where the episode where Leslie meets Joe Biden in DC came out last night. after the whole debate nonsense going on it was creepy to me...
  12. Thanks! Painting is the easy part, but uploading the pictures, cropping, writing out a description and adjusting the lighting in the pictures is the worst!!! Here in Texas there was talk of having restaurants be at 75% capacity, but I haven't followed up with when or if its still in the talks. I recently went out for drinks and got outdoor seating so it was good and the humidity and heat have finally subsided. The only irk is alot of places that were 24 hours have still not gone back to those hours. The cases are still around but the deaths are not high which for me is a good thing
  13. @steph.med.115 I thinks that's how you type it out.... Second lockdown?!?!?
  14. That's interesting and would definitely give one job experience and probably some nightmares I'd imagine! He was a drill sergeant! Although I believe it was Air Force. He was quite the looker back in his days too, a far cry from the afro (which by the way he only did because he was too poor for haircuts. He wanted to get rid of it but by then he was too well known by people because of his fro!) I go for walks too but its at night. I take (my) dog for 1 mile then circle back drop her off and go for a quick run to help counteract all my sitting. As for painting, I haven't done one sinc
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