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  1. Yeah it was pretty good. I had a chuckle seeing Cavill in a suit because he looked too buff and I was waiting for him to bust a seam!
  2. Started watching Parks N Rec again, and oddly enough my watching schedule timed it to where the episode where Leslie meets Joe Biden in DC came out last night. after the whole debate nonsense going on it was creepy to me...
  3. Thanks! Painting is the easy part, but uploading the pictures, cropping, writing out a description and adjusting the lighting in the pictures is the worst!!! Here in Texas there was talk of having restaurants be at 75% capacity, but I haven't followed up with when or if its still in the talks. I recently went out for drinks and got outdoor seating so it was good and the humidity and heat have finally subsided. The only irk is alot of places that were 24 hours have still not gone back to those hours. The cases are still around but the deaths are not high which for me is a good thing
  4. @steph.med.115 I thinks that's how you type it out.... Second lockdown?!?!?
  5. That's interesting and would definitely give one job experience and probably some nightmares I'd imagine! He was a drill sergeant! Although I believe it was Air Force. He was quite the looker back in his days too, a far cry from the afro (which by the way he only did because he was too poor for haircuts. He wanted to get rid of it but by then he was too well known by people because of his fro!) I go for walks too but its at night. I take (my) dog for 1 mile then circle back drop her off and go for a quick run to help counteract all my sitting. As for painting, I haven't done one sinc
  6. Oh lawd...the accuracy So many times I thought "whew, I dodged a bullet there!"
  7. I'd be embarrassed too! Never heard of that service I got me a new desk for my "office", assembled it happily, rearranged furniture and got my painting supplies in order again -Look out Bob Ross!! I feel im on opposite compared to everyone else in my area - I worked during our shutdown and had a nice time driving to and from work without all the traffic since everyone was stuck at home. Now im at home alot while our state has opened up and everyone is out and about again! but I've been ok since im a homebody anyways
  8. I'm thinking about it. Especially after seeing fanboys get into arguments over who would win in battle...Homelander or Superman
  9. I have to wait 45 days. I got my tix through Seat Geek. They tried to bait me with a credit to my account for up $1100 dollars to use towards an upcoming event I'm flattered but there's really no one I'd like see in concert and having to wait until next year to go to a concert is not worth it for me given the world circumstances
  10. That would be cool as a thick glossy picture type book for a coffee table etc. Lots of high def pictures of the guys on stage and the info said about their gear etc. I'd buy that
  11. Damn I was just reminiscing about the leaks that happened in 2007 if I remember correctly. This place was buzzing! I managed to find the demo version of There was a Time on Youtube. I've always preferred that version to the album version because it didn't have all the final bells and whistles on it yet. Ah, good times...
  12. I'd wait at least until the beginning of next year (hoping we make it to then!) I recently got my refund back from the date here in DFW that was cancelled. I bought it a week before our state freaked out and started shutting everything down back in March. And this was gonna be my first time seeing the band live We will see what the end of this year brings. If not corona then who knows what other events could take its place, seeing as how things have progressed so far. Not to mention the US election coming up which could spur some big, bad events. But hey, if its all isolated in the s
  13. I recently heard about the Schumann resonance and have only briefly researched some of it. But from what I can gather so far, I seem to do well when the energy spikes I dont know if thats a good or bad thing....
  14. Yeah, I tried brownies a few times, but Im not that patient in waiting for it to hit. and the last time I had them, they were some strong brownies and of course I ate more than I should have so I was out in space! Like pure thc fairy dust that was separated with a special grinder type stuff I prefer the old fashioned way of smoking it, but those joints got taken by my hobo brother who no doubt enjoyed them But I'm not into inhaling smoke stuff anymore so to the oil I will stay loyal!
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