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  1. so far Nikki's is as i thought -kinda depressing but insightful. How he's alive still is anyones guess. I have 2 other books after nikki's to finish. I'm saving Slash for last! If Axl decides to write a book we would have to wait double the time we waited for Chinese Democracy but yes, it would be a great read!
  2. I guess im officially a basic bitch in her 30's who drinks wine now I found this brand called Stella Rosa that makes good stuff. I dont thinks its technically wine since its low alcohol ,only 5% per bottle, but im not a wine person so i dont know what constitutes what. Anyways for this Thanksgiving I said fuck it and bought a total of 12 bottles, all different flavors to try, and by the time the day rolled around I had 10 left. Up till now I've been stone sober, not even beer which i love has not sounded good to me. But this stuff is like fizzy juice and it takes the edge off which i need right now. Still cant believe I'm a wino now I use to make fun of those bitches!
  3. Finally got in the mail Nikki Sixx The Heroin Diaries and Slash's autobio. Also a book recommended called People who eat darkness about a women who went missing in Tokyo and the crime story with it.
  4. I remember my cousins had one and the only two games i remember was a shark one ? and a racing one. Didn't take to it as much as the other consoles
  5. I know its kinda late but I dressed as Slash for a Halloween thing. I tried to enter a costume contest but the contest people had to pick you instead of you entering the contest (bullshit). But me and my cousin had fun and surprisingly alot of girls in the restroom liked my costume too
  6. I'm betting he did chemical peels which will smooth the facial skin thus giving it a shiny smooth looking appearance. It can also tighten the face alittle depending. But his 2006 look is superior Who ever thought Axl would get dreds/rows and pull them off so well?
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