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  1. So, assuming you weren't being sarcastic, are you really blaming the lack of new music on Slash? To me, it looks more like Slash--who indeed hates being idle--has to keep busy because of Axl's lack of drive.
  2. I wanna say yes, but on the other hand I visit this forum every day, so...
  3. It's a detail, but I don't think McCartney III was planned; it's seems to be a product of quarantine.
  4. Or as Axl once wrote: "If love is blind, I guess I'll buy myself a cane."
  5. Based on how good Pawn-Shop Guitars was, it's baffling that Axl wouldn't want Gilby in the band, contributing to songwriting.
  6. I think it's the other was around: no GnR album ? Slash is gonna do one on his own. The man's gotta work!
  7. But then shouldn't we count releases by Velvet Revolver, Slash, Duff, Bumblefoot, Sorum, Stinson, Dizzy... ?
  8. One I like (and is meaningful to me): Oasis had their whole recording career between the release of The Spaghetti Incident and that of Chinese Democracy. That's 7 studio albums + 2 or 3 album worth of b-sides.
  9. Well, that was when people still bought records and that was were the money was. Tours were meant to support records.
  10. Being 45, that's my idea of an old fashioned ticket... Once they started printing them out on demand, that was over.
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