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  1. But history shows that after that they were pretty much done for. They got all these songs out of their collective system; then the systeme ran on empty for a while & started breaking down.
  2. Edit: I can only count 4 songs sung by Izzy : Dust n' Bones You Ain't the First Double Talkin' Jive 14 years and Axl is very much present on all of them, is he not? Which would be the 5th?
  3. As an art history major, I'd go with archaic/classical/hellenistic line ups.
  4. I'm actually wondering about that. For a long time I thought GnR's story was one of wasted potential. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe the potential was exhausted with UYI. I remember reading that UYI was a double album because the band needed to get a lot of songs, including older ones, out of their collective system, and start afresh after that. But it seems the system ran on empty after that.
  5. Here's something I like to say: Oasis have done all their recording carreer in the time it took GnR between TSI? and CD.
  6. So, assuming you weren't being sarcastic, are you really blaming the lack of new music on Slash? To me, it looks more like Slash--who indeed hates being idle--has to keep busy because of Axl's lack of drive.
  7. I wanna say yes, but on the other hand I visit this forum every day, so...
  8. It's a detail, but I don't think McCartney III was planned; it's seems to be a product of quarantine.
  9. Or as Axl once wrote: "If love is blind, I guess I'll buy myself a cane."
  10. Based on how good Pawn-Shop Guitars was, it's baffling that Axl wouldn't want Gilby in the band, contributing to songwriting.
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