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  1. I know us GNR fans are starved but is anyone really excited for a lyric video?
  2. This. There obviously won’t be a ‘new album’. I do think there will be another EP but as I’ve always said, it will just be to promote the ongoing tour and maintain interest. Expect to hear touched up versions of ‘Atlas’ and ‘Perhaps’ and if anything else comes it will be a miracle. I think the whole Chinese Democracy fiasco has put Axl off recording and releasing new albums for life, that whole process took years and must have been exhausting and would have cost him a lot of money. Touring is the safer option and also a better source of income than releasing albums these days. I think those CD sessions were probably also his last creative spark.
  3. I agree with this and I also think it MIGHT have been completed had the reunion never happened. Now Slash and Duff are back that in itself is enough to maintain people’s interest and sell concert tickets, which appears to be Axl’s main concern. I don’t think he has any intention of returning to a recording studio ever again. Slash has pretty much confirmed my suspicions now too.
  4. Has anyone received their tickets for this yet? I bought them when they first went on sale in 2019 from SeeTickets. Haven’t received them though. Will it be like the week before?
  5. Well now I see why they held off on playing this live for so long. I know the rehearsal footage we’ve seen over the last few months has been without Axl but I’m guessing he’s been trying to get this down for some time. He’s probably still not happy with his performance but knows now they’ve released it he kind of HAS to do it live.
  6. But then why have verse 3 in what sounds like the correct place?? If it was intentional surely all 3 verses would be the same? It just sounds very odd the way it is now and if it was intentional I think it was a bad choice.
  7. We will probably have to agree to disagree on that one. If it was intentional he would sing it that way live (out of sync) and verse 3 would be in the same place. It just sounds like sloppy mixing to me.
  8. I honestly think if they’d given me the vocal track and instrumental for Absurd I could have done a better cut and paste job on GarageBand. I’d have lined the vocal track up properly on Verse 1 & 2 for a start!
  9. I’m still waiting for the production credits. I’m expecting to see: Produced and mixed by Axl and Fernando using GarageBand on iOS Do you mean the slide solo? I honestly think that’s the most interesting Slash part on the track. The rest of his playing sounds uninspired and predictable. It’s not bad but typical Slash noodling, nothing special about it.
  10. I agree with this. Not sure why people rip on your theory’s so much tbh. Axl, as great as he is, is clearly lazy when it comes to writing or recording new material. He’s obviously not one of those artists who enjoys being in the studio. I think these standalone singles are merely to promote the ongoing tour and to keep hardcore fans interested in the band. I honestly don’t think Axl has any intentions of writing and recording NEW material at this stage of his career. Sure, he’ll let others finish off his work from 20 years ago but I think that’s it. I’m guessing a couple more old updated standalone singles will get put out on the next tour and then honestly I think Axl will retire after that. His voice is shot to shit, he’s not getting any younger and he’s obviously made a fuck load of cash from this tour. Reuniting with Slash and Duff feels like a bookend on the whole GNR story. Sorry I know this isn’t what fans want to hear and I hope it doesn’t happen but it’s my gut instinct and all good things must come to an end.
  11. I can’t be the only one who, for a split second, thought they saw 2 Chili Pepper star logos on the picture of the cassette? 😂 I realise it’s just the holes on the cassette on the red background that makes it look that way!
  12. Yeah, I never did hear the cell phone clip. I wonder if it was even legit…
  13. Out of interest, was there ever a clip of ‘The General’ with vocals floating around? I consider myself to be in the loop regarding leaks (I was a downloading motherfucker back in 2006) all I’ve heard of ‘The General’ however appears to be a fan made mix (possibly by Evader). Oh and a live clip of a piece of music ‘rumoured’ to be part of that song.
  14. My SAUCES regarding the the next single being called COCK A ROACH F’N SOUP weren’t wrong… It’s just that plans changed okay.
  15. Yes, I remember that. I also remember Sebastian Bach saying in an interview around the time though that Axl agreed to do vocals for one song and got pissed when Seb asked him to do another two! So yeah he definitely went in the studio then to lay some vocals for his friend and he did for ‘Rock The Rock’ a few years ago too but I just honestly don’t believe he’s recorded vocals for a whole new album. I won’t either until HE confirms it. Slash and Duff are just like Tommy and Ron before them, they’ll always say a ‘new album is coming’ if asked in interviews. Axl just doesn’t appear to be motivated at all (post CD sessions) when it comes to recording, other than a couple of cameos here and there and everything is in his hands.
  16. I get this is a running joke here and I’ve laughed along… BUT… I’m actually starting to fear this could be the case 😬 Just watch, next single: ’Atlas Shrugged’ - Fall 2022 Then the remainder of the village demos (with vox) touched up and released as stand alone singles with no full album ever materialising. Its not even that crazy these days because legacy bands don’t make real money from new albums these days anyway. Perry from Jane’s Addiction said recently they plan on releasing a few new singles next rather than a full album.
  17. If it’s JUST that Axl feels the takes are better than what he could do now, rather than sheer laziness then sure, I get it. It’s still pretty much unheard of behaviour from a living breathing singer but I agree m, he would undoubtedly sound worse on newer takes. I’m sceptical though because he hasn’t recorded ANY changes at all. Not even one line here or there and they’ve even shoehorned a ‘hey hey’ from another unreleased track onto the bridge in ‘Hard Skool’. This is what I meant in terms of this feeling like a remix album or something a band would HAVE to do because their singer is no longer with us. In short, I kinda just feel like Axl is like ‘fuck this, I’m not going into a studio ever again, I’m done with studios. I did my work years ago. You guys go add your shit to it and we’ll just put it out”. I hope that’s not how it is but it sure feels like that.
  18. I was listening to Queen’s’ ‘Made in Heaven’ album today, released in 1995 and put together by Brian May and the band using vocal tracks recorded by Freddie before his death. I was thinking what a great job they did with it considering Freddie wasn’t around to help them. It then dawned on me that this is what GNR are doing now but they have a singer who is ALIVE. It’s actually mental when you think about it. If the whole album is going to be cut and paste songs with 20 year old vocal tracks it’s more like a remix album or posthumous release than something released by a current (living) band still touring. Is anyone aware of any other bands with a LIVING singer who have recorded an album like this using 20 year old vocal takes?
  19. Hate to be Mr Negative but there’s no album coming any time soon. I called it when ‘Absurd’ was first released. Just a couple of stand alone singles to promote the ongoing tour and to throw the fans a bone. Old songs from the locker that required NO work from Axl and minimal work from Slash & Duff. We have ZERO evidence of Axl entering a studio in the last 20 years (other than Rock The Rock) and I really think if they had NEW songs they’d have released one of those instead of these 2. If this is shipping in June 2022 do people honestly believe a full album will come out before then?? I’m just being realistic because I’ve been a fan of this band since AFD and I know how it works, Axl unfortunately is a lazy genius when it comes to recording and putting shit out.
  20. I’ll buy the CD single, simply to have it in my collection, if it ever becomes available in the U.K. So I guess we were right when we said ‘Absurd’ was actually the B side? Still baffled why they put that out first though.
  21. Surely you don’t mean Axl’s “hey heyyyy”? I mean they had to put SOMETHING Axl on that lengthy breakdown since he couldn’t be bothered to write or sing more lyrics over it. It’s like they’re reminding us “don’t mind this long instrumental section, we can assure you this is still a fn GNFNR song fam, listen closely, there he is!”
  22. Next single will be : ‘State of Fn Grace’ I can’t fn wait!
  23. Sadly I think ‘Absurd’ may have put a lot of the casual fans off. Why on Earth they released that first I will never know. Literally no one I know likes it (in real life, not on this forum) and it left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. Hopefully those same people will give ‘Hard Skool’ a chance though because it definitely has more of an instant appeal.
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