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  1. We have so many pro shot shows from this era already, that’s probably why.
  2. Brian did a shit load of cocaine in later years but he has never been quoted as taking acid on the regular.
  3. So you think taking one full dose and a smaller one months later is the same as Syd who took it near daily? Ok then..
  4. He did, he said it totally blew his mind. He wasn’t an acid head tho and did not take it multiple times. “I took LSD, a full dose of LSD, and later, another time, I took a smaller dose. And I learned a lot of things, like patience, understanding.”
  5. A lot of your info is about 50% correct but that’s whatever. Smile was recorded in under a year unlike Axl who took fucking forever. Brian wasn’t on crazy drugs, he smoked some hash and did acid like once. He developed his mental health issues years after. Technology of the time was a big reason why Smile wasn’t finished, editing all those little pieces together was not an easy task. As for the music they aren’t even comparable, what Brian was doing was ground breaking. CD is interesting but there is nothing on there that hasn’t been heard before. The Downward Spiral is far beyond and
  6. Death rate is around 5% in the US but we won’t know real numbers for a long time. Mild cases are now showing serious brain, lung and heart damage in very high numbers.
  7. People don’t have lives and spend too much time reading rumours and bullshit. That’s all. Slash and Duff are back in a band they started and playing music they wrote, how hard is it to understand why they wouldn’t want to do that? The Izzy thing bummed me out but as others have said no way would he have hung around anyway. He pulled out of the New York Dolls gig when he found out they wanted to tour and not just do a few reunion shows.
  8. Good god. It’s a clip of a few songs. You guys need to get lives or something. Haha
  9. I will not be surprised when that is exactly what happens.
  10. https://youtu.be/6VjliNISkEg He talks GNR a bit in this video.
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