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  1. Small business is more defined in the amount of people they employ. The SBA program was designed to keep people employed on payroll in businesses that were affected by Covid instead of those workers being unemployed and therefore on state unemployment. The music business has been affected and they surely do qualify. This also isn’t Slash/Duff/Axl paying themselves. It’s everyone else they have on payroll. People in their camp rely on those shows happening for income. Shows provide the infrastructure for that to happen. You can ask why don’t they pay them out of their personal pockets, but
  2. The music business is entirely affected by Covid during this time and in the future. That’s exactly what these loans were meant for. It keeps people paid intermediately. Theres a lot of overhead for these bands
  3. It’s a cover album. While canned spaghetti could be satisfying for some, the home made spaghetti meal has more substance.
  4. Here’s hoping that they reissue it at some point. It’s kind of crazy that they haven’t reissued the entire catalog on vinyl since reuniting. Then you release remasters for another dip when it’s time
  5. People here might not want lithos, but I’d love one of Coma and the other artwork included in the liner notes If they won’t include shows, include reissues of TSI and Live Era on vinyl. Obviously anything unreleased, alt mixes, TSI and demos that include Steven Making Fn Videos An Inflatable Dolphin just to make fans groan
  6. They don’t need a major label. However they are still under contract with one. No manager or lawyer can get you out of that. They have to fulfill their deal by releasing albums to end it
  7. I think it’s also safe to say in the GNR universe that until the album is handed into the label and accepted for release, there’s no imminent chance of it happening. Moods/deadlines/plans all seem to change with the wind
  8. It’s not that simple. They get an advance on what they sell or now stream. Generally the longer you’re under contract, the higher that number gets for each album. It’s all pre determined in the contract. That of course can be renegotiated It’s up to both the band and the label to determine what maximizes their odds of not only recouping that cost but to maximize its revenue. Other artists have released stuff during this time. However that doesn’t mean there’s the same risk involved, or that they view a Guns album in the same light on how it would perform comparatively
  9. Perhaps. Although is it really being a perfectionist if it’s mainly chasing for a new sound every 18 months because of what’s more in line with the current state of rock or you need to now feature the current lineup of the band because people left? Re-amping guitars because the technology is better or people like high gain rock again? Seems like a fine line to call it so. Either way, the situation in that band was never stable enough to work on something that took years to release. That’s what I hear when listening to the final release. The songs are still the songs and for the most
  10. If he were a perfectionist, then there would have been different vocal takes between the 99 demos and the final released product in 2008. Tinkering would be a better description From my limited viewpoint, it seems like he’s always looking for the perfect scenario to move forward. The problem is that there will always be something in the way of that. Then the landscape changes, and things need to be updated. Round and round we go As far as finances. There’s a difference between the New GNR entity and the original partnership. Just because the New Band’s entity may have needed $ from
  11. I think it’s different to compare the sentiment of a reunited GNR in 2014 and the current reality that we’re now down this road and there’s a certain expectation on how artists connect with their fans in 2020. They’ve opened that box and the expectations that come with it in the market. They can certainly choose not to interact in common ways these days, but that doesn’t save them from fan’s criticism. It’s 2020, they should be interacting in different ways through different channels. It’s great that they’ve taken this step, but to compare it to how anything else is done, it’s quite hone
  12. I think he struggles when songs go in and out of multiple registers and especially in and out of that mid range. If it’s mainly all in one register like AC/DC, where there’s only a few notes, it’s much more stable. He’s approaching 60. It’s a very taxing vocal style. He has been willing to adapt his approach (whether people liked it or not) over the years and will probably have to do so again. I’m sure it’s still there for a few takes needed in the studio. Maybe one day we’ll hear it
  13. It’s a step in the right direction. Can’t it just be that? It could obviously be better, but that doesn’t negate the step they’ve took here. Doesn’t or hasn’t made up for anything in how they’ve treated fans. They’re now just doing something that’s the bare minimum. We’ll see how it goes from here
  14. They work with who they want. I’m sure they won’t work with just anyone or just pay anyone. That’s why things like a live archive would take more than 2 weeks to set up
  15. The band is releasing some Proshots on YouTube. You’re free to not like the performance or this incarnation of the band, but most of us would have been floored by that news at any point over the last 2 decades. You get the feeling the goalposts are being moved here
  16. Metallica built a team and a process to handle their live video releases. It’s a big part of what they do. They have a system where it’s funded and have done it multiple times where they can turn things out quick or have stuff that’s been worked on over time This was thrown together over the last few weeks from inception. Even if Guns wanted to throw this to Caram to remix, who’s to say his schedule was free? Who’s to say there was a budget to pay him? We used to drool over the prospect of more Pro Shot/Soundboard material. Here it is and now people want full production/mixes. Not say
  17. They’d rather him being fall down drunk making the same mistakes live or play it exactly like the record. His whole thing has always been teetering on the edge where you expect it to fall apart. That’s what makes it enjoyable. It’s loose His playing is always rushing going back over the years but that has always been pulled back from his rhythm section in a give and take. Maybe because they now play on a click it’s more noticeable?
  18. Metallica has thought out, monetized and hired people to handle their catalog of shows over the last decade. To think GNR can get something up and running similar in less than a month is a bit short sighted and simply not fair to compare. Apples and oranges It’s the first time they’ve done this. Let’s see what happens. If people respond well, maybe they will look into putting some more thought behind it. They certainly aren’t afraid of $
  19. Just going to say it’s easier when you’ve set up the infrastructure to handle something like that. Having people you want to work with and knowing they can handle the workload being an important factor They essentially put this together in a few weeks. From inception of thought to getting this out. They haven’t done really anything like this before. If they continue this type of content longterm, then you should expect for things to be done on a higher level
  20. I honestly don’t what know what some people want. Now they want the band to pay Caram to mix these shows, that already essentially took a few weeks to get together. 1. I’d hope Caram is busy with other stuff like mixing the record 2. People would complain about how long it would take to get an approved mix out
  21. If you want to go down the rabbit hole of Axl wanting to hear mixes and then giving notes, we’ll never hear anything again. That’s just my opinion. Nothing will be quick when that door is opened
  22. Do you know how much it costs and the time it takes for a professional mix? You realize they won’t be making relatively anything off of it? Gonna guess the moment Fernando approaches Axl to pay someone to work on these, the project is dead in the water
  23. We’ll see if they put those up. I highly doubt there’s a production budget on that level for these
  24. It’s taken off the soundboard, you wouldn’t hear much of the audience regardless of their reaction
  25. I doubt they’re mixing/editing much of this stuff. Nor should they for something like this. I hope they do more There will be mistakes. It’s live and it’s GNR. Just like there were flubs 30 yrs ago. There will also be moments where it should remind us why we enjoy this band. That DTJ solo was great
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