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  1. Looks like they used the marquee for the passport stickers
  2. Not to excuse any of this, but I’m not sure how this will really affect public perception to “cancel” him. It was pretty low with his overall past behavior, as well as some other well known situations that were made public over the years to begin with I don’t think there are many who hold Axl Rose to some high moral standard. It’s not a shock like Bob Dylan
  3. Pretty much. It’s a good opportunity to explain generally how things operate though. Little music industry 101 course work. Maybe it sparks some interest to pursue things
  4. You might have a slim chance if they are booking European dates and can throw them double their booking fee (5-6 mil). Even then, there’s exclusivity with other promoters and the band most likely isnt interested in doing gigs like that. That’s on top of other costs required to perform a gig. An approved venue, insurance, hiring local crew, etc… Just to expand on what’s in this thread: Live Nation is a promoter (who also controls/owns some venues). In this case, the op’s friend would be the promoter. So they are of no help in this instance. Del James is the tour manager. He doesn’t book shows. His job is day of show Team Brazil is management. They hired the booking agent and gave them parameters in what to book and what their schedule/plans are. It’s actually illegal in certain places for a manager to book shows United Talent Agency is the booking agency. They book shows and coordinate between management and promoters
  5. They have a booking agent at an agency. I think they are with United Talent Agency Edit: https://www.unitedtalent.com/artist/guns-n-roses/
  6. I don’t think we will see anything until they are done with their current contract with UMG and have looked at the prospect of releasing or licensing out their catalog/vault themselves Not that it will happen, but there will be better odds
  7. I know for a fact that their promoter was getting the ball rolling and calling for venue holds for a possible tour during that time. This was back in my music industry intern days Not that it lead to anything or that it meant things were ready to go. It obviously fizzled out and got pushed to 2006
  8. What others have said here. Bleed issues in mics, sound isolation, and maybe to keep the stage volume down for other members
  9. I think it’s obvious that the majority of people who go to a show want and expect to hear the hits. Deep cuts according these people include songs such as Mr Brownstone and Nightrain They aren’t there for Chinese Democracy, deep cuts they don’t know such as Bad Apples, or especially anything new. That’s when they go to the bathroom and grab another beer Any of that stuff that gets played is for their own satisfaction/agenda or to throw this part of the fanbase a bone
  10. The tour was canceled because of the riots. I think that was pretty clear. Clear Channel was the promoter, who controlled/owned many of the venues, and the radio stations across the country. They didn’t need sellouts or every show to perform well to make a profit
  11. You can obviously get sick on tour. It does affect things. I’m also guessing that managers and promoters have heard their share of this person is not feeling great, something’s not right, let’s cancel the show as well. Not just from Axl but from other artists. Enough that it’s a wait and see until it actually happens on some circumstances He very well could have said to cancel the show. He could also very well had said that before half of the shows on that tour
  12. I wouldn’t subscribe to the label/album thing. He already said the infamous words “I don’t know if soon is the word”… He was flying into the city the evening of the shows and going on hours late. It probably wasn’t the first time he said he was sick or couldn’t perform if that’s the story. It was most likely a disorganized mess plus everyone around him thinking the show would still go on. Philly just isn’t one of those cities to pull that with. They reacted to the news after being toyed around for the evening. Perfect storm happened and that was it. 2 riots were enough for the promoter. They knew a late cancellation would most likely happen again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice??? It’s a shame because they were cooking and performing well by Boston and NYC
  13. They most likely got a lump sum for the tour. Some markets do extremely well and they pick up the slack of other markets. Also Live Nation does not need a sell out to turn a profit. That would be a horrible business model
  14. He very well could record vocals today and sound great. The question is will he write new songs
  15. Dude. I’ve worked in the industry for over a decade. I’ve been screwed out of deals and not paid in full by artists as well. It always sucks Going on a fan forum and blasting the band on social is generally never a good look. You may have a side to it and may have a gripe with how things went down. People around you may also agree. That stuff also comes back around. It’s not just the bridge you burn. It’s people around you take note of the complaints and attitude when the next disagreement comes about. You do you though Sell your prints and put them up for auction to get scalper prices. Get your $
  16. But he’s putting up “no reserve” auctions for the highest bidder…which just so happens to be going for 300 a pop
  17. “I’ve always made a point not to gouge people” What does that mean? You went and made sure to get full secondary market prices at auction. But it’s “no reserve” so that’s ok. Again, your right to do so. However you’re not doing anything for the fans here and would gladly let these go for 20x the price if that’s what the market sets So what’s “gouging” to you? Putting them up for 1k and having them sit unsold?
  18. Never said you didn’t have the right to do that. Just don’t make it seem you’re doing the community any favors either It’s not fair for the fanbase to subsidize your income. You should be paid more
  19. You said “ALWAYS wanted to make sure people got them at a fair price.” I get that you’re trying to subsidize your work. However you aren’t doing the community or fans any favors here by capitalizing on the demand
  20. Contracts aren’t always necessary in this case. Especially with situations where you’ve already have done work You are right there However those lithos at no reserve auctions are still going for premium prices. You have one auction at 290 with a day left. Don’t say you aren’t capitalizing on the demand, because you are
  21. Pre-orders are a thing too. Even if they were limited and yes people would too
  22. Would love a limited run of trading cards with the litho designs from over the years. You could even insert some autos or numbered variants into packs
  23. Which begs the ultimate question. If they want to actually release new music and have it mean something, this is the part of the fanbase that would be the most receptive. You’d think they’d want to nurture that relationship just a little bit
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