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  1. Just to think they have years/decades of that type of footage.... Great taste. Think they have to go longer or promote it more during the week to get the eyeballs they’re expecting.
  2. Gonna guess they won’t be doing covers due to licensing and their own stance on how they view copyright on YouTube Selects in that they will take a few songs from each show. I hope I’m wrong. I hope they do more than just one show and vary the selections from the set list
  3. Says Selects, so gonna guess it’s selections from either this show or the tour. Not gonna complain either way or about the years. Just that they should be doing more of this in 2020
  4. They would have if they had the budget to go and re-record that stuff. Live albums just don’t sell enough anymore to take on that cost
  5. I mean it’s pretty obvious by now that this is and has been Axl’s direction since the split in the mid 90’s. That’s how the band operates. It doesn’t matter if it’s Fernando or Merck or Doug Goldstein running things on his behalf. Axl seems like the artist that says something is ready next month, and just needs a few things to tweak. Then next month comes and its something else. On and on it goes. No manager or member can give an answer other than soon, because that’s always the truth Until the label has the album and it’s been turned in, there’s no upcoming release
  6. While they could do a reissue at some point, a high priced box set for CD will be a stretch Times like these are the perfect excuse to release old footage that you’d never monetize. Say it’s the 35th anniversary of the band forming and release old content under that umbrella When are they ever going to release NYC 2002, HOB, etc... The timing/demand will never be right for that
  7. Well since we’re just hanging out waiting and there are no shows, just say something like this... “It’s the 35th anniversary of the infamous Hell Tour!!! In celebration of its roots, GNR is deciding to release 10 concerts from its past over the coming weeks/months on YouTube.” Link to Hell Tour Shirt Polo You could then even tie in NITL shows as a possible lead in for rescheduled 2021 dates or a possible single or album release. Fans want content at this time. They want something to look forward to on whatever day it is. It’s hard to get attention/eyeballs at times and it’s
  8. Just have the shirts fund part of the time/editing needed to get that stuff on YouTube. I’d have no problem with them making $ off something like this. If they want to donate all the better. Once a week, once a month, or say you’ll do a specific number. You could encompass the history of the band, create some excitement amongst die hards, and have some pretty cool limited one off merch choices that will prob sell better than a random Hell Tour polo
  9. It’s a crazy thought, but what if they released something from 1986 on YouTube and then threw out some merch like this behind it? Otherwise, what does “The Hell Tour” have to do with anything this band is doing in 2020? The AFD reissue is done
  10. This is true in many fan communities. The few always have the louder voice. Granted things differ on what they vocalize, some of it brought upon themselves. This full or non support stance isn’t surprising when you consider this is the same artist who released Get in the Ring
  11. I personally wouldn’t mind if Hard School and those songs were included. However only if they’ve been re recorded from the ground up with new vocals. Pasted over parts on top of something done in the late 90’s/early 2000’s? Lame
  12. That’s pretty much what he did before they took over I think it’s more of if that’s what is really happening here, then GNR doesn’t need those other types of managers. Especially ones that are looking to prop their other endeavors from their experience/connections from working with the band. TB isn’t going anywhere and they don’t need any special elite skills to navigate this. It runs the way Axl wants
  13. They play the same set list every night, so does it really matter? Do enough of them from 2016+ and it gives the fans a “ Best of” full set from that tour
  14. It should be obvious how much say Fernando has in this type of stuff. He can certainly throw suggestions out there, but those guys have final say and give orders/direction on just about everything
  15. In that sense, every manager has failed. Seems like there’s a common theme here
  16. Not every manager has the same amount of control/responsibility. I don’t see much difference between how this band functions in 2000 let alone 2010 or 2020. Axl has a ton of control and final say here
  17. Just gonna guess their “sound people” don’t have access to the drive and are remote, so someone had to upload everything to some server/cloud and they have to download it to work on it Still on the premise that this is a believe it when you see it type of deal
  18. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation when providing updates with this band. Fans obviously want these updates, yet everything gets delayed, gets too complicated or thrown aside as the wind blows. It seems like this happens under every manager
  19. Obviously they don’t want to pay anyone to edit these vids. Therefore Fernando is spending hours learning Final Cut Pro
  20. An Axl solo project in the late 90’s wouldn’t have seen a budget on that scale. Still large but definitely not approaching 8-10+ million. That budget originally stemmed from their contract which usually increases with each record option. It was a total play to leverage the name for many reasons. Including that advance The main thing you haven’t mentioned yet was the huge label merger where Geffen was essentially dissolved. Interscope took over around then and it was an entire team that probably didn’t know what to do with the whole thing. So it’s possible they tried to freeze it out, ca
  21. All of the experience in the world won’t save someone from an artist who won’t cooperate. Especially when one finds an avenue to release an album and the artist responds by not touring, going radio silent in the press and suing you That in no way says TB has been a great experience here. It’s just not all on TB when you experience disfunction across every manager
  22. They wouldn’t be doing their job if they weren’t filtering requests. What actually gets through is certainly up for debate. Especially if they already know the answer The fact that nothing on that end has really occurred for a while means that decision is from the man himself. A lot of management stems from what an artist like Axl is willing or not willing to do. That includes releasing music, availability of YouTube vids, set lists, etc... I don’t see any manager forcing change in that regard and telling Axl what to do with his time and their music. Other artists are certainly differen
  23. The social media manager is prob pulling their hair out over what they’re not allowed to do. They’ve prob had hundreds of ideas shot down. That direction all comes from management and the band (Axl). Do they even have someone right now or is it just TB making posts?
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