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  1. The final master is whatever recordings, mixing, mastering that appears on the finished released product. Yeah, we don’t know the deal. We do know that at some point UMG stopped funding them and it was on them to continue in which they did. That in itself opens up a few questions. Typically in the music business, whoever paid for it, owns it. If UMG didn’t pay them an advance or paid for whatever was done as it went, then they most likely don’t own masters outright. They do however probably still have the exclusive right to commercially release anything the band has if they are still under the deal.
  2. It would most likely increase and creates a bunch of flexibility with what they could do with live releases and special projects. I don’t think they’re free from their label deal and obligations though. The label isn’t going to turn down an option that we know exists. Especially with a reunited GNR. Its possible this has more to do with who funded the recording and who owns the masters
  3. It’s impossible to tell without the contract. Most likely it’s been renegotiated countless times. We know that UMG stopped funding their sessions during Chinese Democracy. GNR had to fund it on their own to finish the album. That opens a ton of questions on its own They could very well still owe the label albums and aren’t out of their deal, but at the same time have control of some part of their masters as well
  4. What do you think the label’s cost per unit was for the stuff that was thrown into the box? Lithos, banners, buttons, etc?? They’re probably still making $ at 399 and they certainly made $ breaking open some boxes and releasing the vinyl. It’s just that they also capitalized on people buying them at the full price Maybe a UYI reissue won’t be a 1k box, but there definitely will be a high priced option with a bunch of extra stuff if they do decide to release one.
  5. Again, good managers find ways to take care of their vendors
  6. Yeah, this sucks. Artists should be paid and compensated fairly for their work. Screw “exposure” and “you should be happy”. That’s a bunch of b.s. You know what good managers do? They make sure to take care of their vendors I doubt anyone in that crew or the ones up on stage would be out there for $2500 with months of work to put in. They should know better
  7. I think it’s more that he’s at the point where he just has problems when he needs to change registers frequently. Especially within the same song which happens in the Guns catalog and on top of the schedule of a tour. AC/DC didn’t have the issue with him switching registers like that, so he was most likely able to go there more frequently Look, there’s no way he could perform 2.5 hr shows multiple times per week if he hasn’t been rehearsing or prepared his voice for the schedule. The tour would be over by now if he went in cold. I think this is just the reality of where he is as a live performer (not in the studio) for this material
  8. “Music should connect people” That’s sounds more how you choose to interact with it, which is fine if that’s what you enjoy I personally enjoy how this song causes an immediate reaction out of people one way or another. That can’t be said for a ton of songs that get released
  9. Are these the same people who claimed “guitar is dead”? Nothing could be further from the truth
  10. There’s actually 2 different verses. I wonder if they used that 2nd verse the second time through if it would break it up a bit, or does that kind of kill the vibe they were going for?
  11. Geffen is under the UMG umbrella. They are essentially one in the same. Nothing too strange there Licensed is interesting. At some point Axl/GNR did start to fund their own recording sessions after UMG stopped (which those other CD songs were possibly worked on). Some type of deal had to be struck for that to happen. Then you get into whether GNR is/was given another advance for a Slash/Duff album as they are still under that contract. Interesting to ponder, but too convoluted to guess upon without seeing the contracts
  12. I’m not entirely sure it’s even about that. It could be about the music business. It could be a bit about himself as well
  13. Who knows how many times that contract has been renegotiated
  14. LN sets the price. They adjust prices in real time according to demand. Of course they start high and try and cash in on early adopters. They will still make a profit on these shows cumulatively as they are the promoters for the entire tour
  15. It’s possible he won’t record another note until they are off of their deal and hasn’t recorded a note of himself since UMg stopped funding the CD sessions. If that means trying to convince UMG to release whatever’s left to get out of it, than so be it
  16. If he agreed to release/play songs as part of the Live Nation deal, it’s very possible that it may only be these two songs that see the light of day Especially if the label didn’t put any $ towards Slash/Duff going in to refresh the songs. That would explain a lot
  17. The label certainly can’t collect since they already own everything that was recorded in those sessions. If anything is evident, it’s that Axl controls what gets released outside of compilations
  18. To be fair, the risk was Chinese Democracy and that’s where these songs originated from. I will say choosing this song in itself to be their first statement is something as well. These people aren’t living hand to mouth on the sunset strip any more. They aren’t dealing with new found fame and the perils that come with it. They’ve gone through divorces/breakups and have little to add that hasn’t been said Axl typically writes from his experiences. What experiences has he had recently that are relatable? If we’re going hear anything that’s actually new, that will be the hurdle
  19. No preorders ready to go, no merch to go alongside the release, etc… It’s very possible the decision was made recently to just release it
  20. They absolutely should limit lithos. This isn’t anything new for other artists/tours They should also make them available on their online tour store for a limited time and just print them to order If anything, they should be a little peeved that people are flipping them to a point where fans are getting gouged on their merch and more for them that they aren’t seeing the profit
  21. It’s very Lou Reed. You’re going to feel something about it
  22. If he’s not redoing vocals, it’s not because he isn’t capable. Just look at Rock the Rock, Back in the Saddle, etc…He can get a take off need be. There have certainly been moments where he could have done so over the years. Singing that way for hours each night on tour is something different There just isn’t much proof he’s done anything with these songs since the original sessions. Whether it’s because of artistic choice, recording budgets and label issues, or valuing his own personal time. Who knows the reason
  23. “I sense great vulnerability. A man-child crying out for love. An innocent orphan in the post-modern world.” “I see a parasite. A sexually depraved miscreant who is seeking only to gratify his basest and most immediate urges.” “His struggle is man’s struggle. He lifts my spirit.” “He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.” “He transcends time and space.” “He sickens me.” “I love it.” “Me too.”
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