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  1. If we’re talking editing, approval processes and such, this thing is dead in the water. They may have intentions but you could say that about a ton of stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day across multiple managers If they all wanted to get something out such as live footage, they could circumvent all of it instantly. It’s 2020
  2. Im assuming management needs to get the 3 of them to ok anything on that level. That’s if they even ran things by them before all of this
  3. Trump water has what plants crave. It’s got electrolytes
  4. At least he’s putting himself out there more. Imagine if Twitter existed in 1991. It would be Get in the Ring/rants weekly We need new music and content
  5. When you look at what’s available on their YouTube, it certainly lines up with the practice of removing vids
  6. Except those who rep the band very well know who they are and may as well encourage it on some level and on their behalf
  7. I think there’s a misunderstanding amongst fans that the band has any real leverage in pushing refunds through at this time. It’s really entirely on the promoter and there’s a long line of tours that are in the same boat. It’s a ton of $ that needs to be moved around. Some of it already spent There are certain words/phrases the band probably can’t say for liability reasons, but yes they need to be much more public here. That’s something that needs to be done on multiple levels. People feel the band is a one way relationship. While they may not be able to get fans their $ back in a timely
  8. Yet here you are with us...Many aren’t being as productive as they wish during this time. Many can also multitask. I think many fans here wish they would put in the same amount of thought into their fan relations and the content they make available as they seem to do with meme shirts
  9. Most of his writing that dabs into societal observations definitely leans more to aggressive rock. Whatever inspires him should be good. The question as always, will we ever hear it?
  10. Don’t forget UMG’s/Bravado whatever it is cut...that definitely isn’t hitting charity. If your tour is canceled and the promoter hasn’t handed out refunds yet, maybe wait on peddling the merch. In fact better idea. Provide an experience and give something back to the fanbase such as something on YouTube. Then post shirt links
  11. They most likely relatively don’t make much off of the online store. However, they are receiving backlash. Enough that they should care as its much deeper than just the messaging. People perceive it as a one way relationship. It’s time to give something back. Especially now that you won’t be on tour and the promoter has their $
  12. In that case, you definitely wait before you go live in that scenario
  13. You’d think they would have mentioned that in the pic, the site, or the wording in the posts. They goofed and had to go back
  14. In that sense I’m just going to say that Axl only seems to write about a few things. 6-8min Steph Seymour ballads and what he sees in society is a big chunk of it. The guy wrote a song about mass shootings on the last record There’s a lot to not support here. Being political doesn’t seem as if it should be a line in the sand to draw here. At least not now
  15. You would think exploiting a health pandemic would be more concerning here. GNR has been “political” before this
  16. Don’t forget you get a free koozie if you spend ten more bucks
  17. Of all the platforms at their disposal, slinging T-shirts for $25 a pop seems to be the most effective
  18. Do a front and back G side: Gunsdon’t R side: Fernandon’t
  19. Totally get it. They shouldn’t be making $ off of this and if you’re going to try, at least make a better shirt
  20. Just said it looks like an unlicensed shirt. They you get into trying to profit off Covid and using a song that’s not even yours
  21. Promoters will often go to the well until it’s proven that it won’t make $. They don’t need a sell out or even 60-70% at times to make a profit. Everyone for whatever reason thought they could/should try it again. Im sure they’ll use Covid as an excuse moving fwd for any metric that wasn’t achieved. It allows someone to take that chance to pay them again Anything about new music is basically Lucy and the football. Until it’s handed to UMG and they set a date, it’s in no tangible position of being released any time soon.
  22. Be as paranoid as want. All i can say is that I’m not using any alt accounts. I’ve been critical of this band/management countless times here. Everything must be a conspiracy
  23. As long as the same check clears and they make a mil per night in merch, I don’t think they care much about how full the stadiums look. Eventually LN cares and the venues and the band’s fee get smaller. We’ll see if it’s still worth everyone’s time and effort when the $ changes.
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