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  1. So when are we getting the Absurd merch? Can’t believe that’s not up and running
  2. I don’t think people are going to stadium shows to hear new material if it were safe or not. They are there to hear old songs Maybe GNR doesn’t care if it resonates with them. Maybe they don’t want to play it safe
  3. This isn’t being talked about enough. We’re this close to Mac Daddy
  4. Yep… At the end of the day, this all makes it hopeful that we will hear the rest of those CD era songs (especially the ones that weren’t leaked) in a reworked fashion. Silkworms/Absurd is an extremely polarizing song. If they wanted to get any type of reaction good or bad, it’s certainly a way to go
  5. So if there’s an album, we’re getting CD II with Slash and Duff pasted over the top
  6. Sure. Just throwing it out there. I don’t think there’s any upfront cost with those services. They just take their cost of the shirt that’s sold and whatever the profit is goes to the creator. Most YouTube creators use them to help with revenue. I’m sure there’s enough creativity around here to get a few ideas that doesn’t infringe on licensing if that’s the direction Downzy wants to go
  7. I’d look into just doing something with a service like tee-spring if that’s your concern. They’ll handle international shipping and all of that. Your profit margin may be less than doing a big print run and handling yourselves, but the headache won’t be there
  8. Radio’s dead…This band being on a level that’s “popular” again is long gone. The hook was removed for whatever reason and never reworked It’s a song that took the band a few go arounds to learn. Insert some Slash and Richard leads over a droning riff and it’s good to go. Much easier to pull off than something like Atlas It has it moments and certainly energy. It’s incredibly repetitive though
  9. The biggest thing that hasn’t been said? This seriously opens the door for us to hear Axl sing the line “Who’s your Mac Daddy” live at a show one day
  10. Sweet design. Would be cool if they did a pack of tour themed baseball cards for these type of shows
  11. Good concept. Stones did this their last tour. They even made lithos available. The difference being the ones sold at shows were hand numbered, while the ones sold online weren’t. Hard to wait in line and/or carry that stuff for the entire show
  12. Guess who won’t be touring a new record in the first half of 2022?
  13. Yeah. Especially when they used Gibson pickups in the new Epi 1959. If anyone is really in the market for a Slash epiphone, I’d highly suggest the older models. Especially the 2010 Epiphone Appetite model. Great looking top and the color looks correct. Comes stock with the Duncans and the used market is still around these new models for the time being
  14. It takes the other 2 to sign off on the licensing to use GNR music. Slash/his team would have to approve SMKC being used here as well but it’s a much easier road Don’t think it’s anymore than that On a side note, disappointing they aren’t using his new Gibson or Seymour Duncan pickups in these guitars at that price point. The older epiphones came stock with the Duncans.
  15. They probably didn’t want to pay anyone to mix them. Whether it’s because these vids won’t generate enough ad revenue to pay for it, or to keep things under the radar and not need to get approvals from the 3 of them once $ is involved
  16. Maybe. I’m sure people have tried. Thing is Axl is pushing 60. What is GNR now realistically in the market? Artistically and what they stand for? The time for that was probably at least 20 years ago.
  17. Im sure there’s been a laundry list of promoters and people trying to make it happen since the late 90’s. You’re right, it was Axl. However I don’t believe he goes ahead if he felt or perceived to be manipulated or pressured into the situation. Whether it was valid to feel that way or not. He probably feels comfortable with TB and doesn’t feel that tug. Managers aren’t miracle workers. If the artist doesn’t want to play ball, things won’t happen. Is Azoff a better manager and more respected or perhaps feared? You bet. That doesn’t mean Axl has to listen though. I think if you look back at the band’s history, their actions seem to be consistent no matter who’s managing them. It comes from the artist
  18. Really whatever management the band has had since Izzy/Steven left has been more or less similar. The artist directs management in how they want to operate. It’s obviously coming from Axl. This is how he wants things run. They’ve had professional managers and an industry giant with Azoff. It didn’t matter. Axl went dark when they released the album. He’s had a handful of interviews since 1994. He doesn’t really interact with the fanbase outside of the stage and if it does happen, it’s often confrontational. Band members more or less shy away from any details with the ongoings. None of this stuff is new or is a product of TB. It’s the artist… Is TB the best option? It probably is the best option for Axl. They will run things the way he wants. In return, he’s on stage performing with Slash. That’s better than what others have tried and failed to replicate. As far as new music, TB can get in line with the rest. We’ll see if it happens
  19. He felt that Azoff and the label “sabotaged” the album, forced its release with the ultimate goal of bringing on a reunion If that were his fears, then why sign with Azoff? The guy notoriously meddles with artists, labels, promoters etc to get his outcome and is the major power player in the industry. Of course he wanted to cash in on a reunion. Why else is he interested in representing you? I don’t think Axl ever truly intended on releasing anything. I think he was upset at the industry and the label for dictating his art and rejecting the first submission. So he took their $, ran up the budget and held onto the project as payback. It’s the name of the project after 2000 Intentions died. Chinese Democracy. Something that may sound good in theory but it’s existence will never be seen
  20. They also own their old masters and have their own label. They can pretty much do whatever they want with the material. Perhaps GNR would have more freedom if they had fulfilled their recording contract
  21. When you’re relying on intermediaries for communication, you’re also beholden to their personal slants and even agendas They all have a version to what happened because they weren’t mentally and/or physically there to address it. They have no one to blame but themselves A band can function or not function in many different ways. Who’s to say what’s the official definition. I think we all know what the band’s focus has been these last few years. I think we all know the focus for a few periods of the band’s history. There have been multiple off ramps and reasons for fans to abandon over the years. Personally new music is at the end of that list for myself. There’s been one album in 30 years. Why is this tour the last straw? It is what’s its always been with this band. If something gets released, then that’s great. If not, it’s what exactly what GNR has been for the majority of its existence
  22. You really want re-recorded CD II songs with vocals that were done 20 yrs ago? If anything happens, it will most likely be that Any release would be used simply to help sell concert tickets to keep getting that guaranteed fee. That’s simply where they are in their careers. New music isn’t the focus. The focus is to play large venues for big checks. New music is simply some gasoline for the touring engine. They won’t release anything until the tank starts to look empty
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