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  1. They’re a nostalgia act who’s cashing in on the reunion. That’s whether they release new music or not. People come out to hear songs that were written 30yrs ago
  2. You can count on one hand the amount of in depth interviews he’s given since Slash quit So really anything of substance that he doesn’t want to be asked publicly since then
  3. Yeah, I get that. I usually play with a Rocker 15 through a 1x12 at home. Having something like that would be more of a novelty as Marshalls aren’t generally my preference They normally go for 7-800 on the used market and figured there would be a premium on that one, but it did make me think for a second when I saw it
  4. He’s probably still doing just fine. Didn’t he recently sell his nyc apt? Everyone thins out the herd once in a while. It takes up a ton of space if you’re not using it. Hilarious that he had a Marshall SL5. If it was under 900, I would have thought about it. A Richard Fortus owned Slash signature AFD amp? My guess is he’s looking for something like a burst. That or he can simply put the $ elsewhere and invest it in something better than guitars/gear. He’s cashing out at a good time. The market is great for used gear right now
  5. Chicago Music Exchange is also selling a huge amount of Fortus gear right now. Some really cool stuff
  6. Yeah, and some of it he will probably make something good off his initial investment. It’s a good time to sell. Stuff like 70’s Gibsons, Silverbursts, etc...have done well over the last 20 yrs He still has a huge collection after this. You can’t keep it forever and it takes up a ton of space. Gotta thin out the herd at times. I’m sure he has new stuff that comes in constantly. Maybe he’s eyeing something big or he can invest it elsewhere. Life happens
  7. Seems like the set list is static from tour to tour or each era of the band. They do usually add a song or two each time out. Otherwise it’s the same order. That’s being said, people come out to hear Jungle and the hits and there’s only a handful of albums to choose from. The majority of people don’t want to hear Locomotive let alone stuff from CD. It’s a good thing that stuff gets played and it does cater to core fans I think fans here in this community would enjoy it more if the order of songs were just more spontaneous. Just opening with different songs makes you think you’re witnessing a different show. Even if the set is still 80/90 percent the same each night. As far as anything new? I think it’s obvious they have stuff that’s completed. That’s always been the case though since the late 90’s. Having a reason to let it go is historically something different This is a touring/legacy act now. Releasing something maybe potentially gets them to continue playing large shows, stadiums and more importantly the same payday. As a result the possibility of new songs will always viewed as potential fuel for the mechanism so that they can go out and play Jungle to PC The previous incarnation didn’t release anything and as a result of their disfunction, label disputes and over saturation, the act dwindled to Vegas and club level shows. That’s opposed to releasing something that gets a tepid response and the act dwindled to Vegas and club level shows due to just over saturation Which scenario is more reassuring to the ego? Which scenario spreads out blame and protects from rejection? Chinese Democracy...something that may sound good in theory but in reality will never see in our lifetime
  8. Ashba was coming off hot from Sixx AM and the Crue record. The issue was that GNR couldn’t release an album. You were left with Ashba only showcasing himself as live player in that band. When comparing him to Fortus and Bumble in that setting, it’s easy to come up short there
  9. It still would have been too late in 2000 for those songs imo. OMG didn’t get great traction in 1999. From what we heard from the leaks and those versions that are more stripped back? The Blues, Chinese Democracy, and There Was A Time would have fared well. Those versions should have been released
  10. To be fair here, Bucket never really had a chance either in that live setting. He was around for essentially half a tour before the whole thing blew up. We’ve heard a lot of what he brought to the studio though, which seems like he was able to step in there, show some of his creative force and influence the sound of the band
  11. The logistics of packing a stadium regardless of the act/event seems like a ways away
  12. It’s relevant though. Would Axl have felt the need to reinvent with the CD era if there was something else left from previous years that was unfinished? Starting from scratch led to multiple ideas of what it should be. Ultimately that seems like it was a major issue between them The label and management probably wanted to squeeze the most possible out of them. They weren’t thinking about 5 years, careers or their well being. Not with the condition Slash Duff and even Axl were in. Not with Steven gone and Izzy one foot out of the door. Everyone was cashing in on them
  13. Maybe. An issue thats gets overlooked is that they pretty much emptied the vault for the Illusions. For the most part, their songs could take years to complete going to back before Appetite Sure Izzy was a major cog that was missing, but I’m not sure if that would have sped things up either. They probably needed to hold back some of the material. Songs such as Breakdown, Locomotive etc... could have used some more time in the oven and provided a starting point for the next record. Starting from scratch could have been daunting for a band that had previously relied on something left in the cupboard Instead they released most of what they had. Partly to capitalize on their success. Perhaps they thought they were on the edge and didn’t know if certain members were going to be around the next time around. Whether they quit or something worse
  14. Good stuff! I bought my vinyl back when it was released just so I could listen to Coma (the Japanese CD import was more expensive at the time) That album is def not something I bring out for a listen. It’s more of a collection piece than anything now and it’s stored correctly. Maybe I should have bought more! They were around $30 on Amazon back then I get that the price point for a Live Era reissue may be a bit much. Doesn’t explain why they haven’t done TSI though. Not that anything can be explained with this band
  15. It may kill the band in that will the guaranteed money they draw in the future still be worth it to those 3? Especially in a crowded live music space when things return. Everyone will be touring. The market will be flooded. $ will be more scarce from promoters and fans
  16. Id certainly be interested in hearing it. Remember the end of SCOM 99. It’s really nothing like the original recording or the live versions. I would think if AFD 99 exists, there would be more moments like that
  17. Not likely. The tempos wouldn’t match. Guns didn’t play live to a click back then
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