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  1. Same here. Especially at those prices. 2021 will have even more competition in the market. It’s going to be nuts for see how the industry/ticket market adjusts. Lots of variables
  2. There’s always competition in each market. When you’ve already seen the show a few times, people tend to go with something they haven’t seen. I think it’s obvious that GNR/LN are trying to milk this thing in a stadium setting for as long as they can. Might be helpful if someone brought something new to the table
  3. I don’t think Covid had much of an effect on sales. This is their 3rd/4th time hitting markets. There’s bound to be a dip of interest. Especially for what many perceive to be the same show
  4. I’ve been a user here since 2003 and elsewhere. I don’t need multiple handles
  5. Pretty much. “We” is often referred to as the entire entity. Such as the crew that travels from show to show. It’s pretty commonly used by managers. Especially internally
  6. If they are going to stick with this OTD Playlist content, it’s gonna get pretty repetitive on some of these tours
  7. Either he bit off more than he can chew securing permission from the boss and inferring he could post songs/concerts (which is a huge thing to throw out there) or he deliberately trolled this part of the fanbase by showing up on discord as Lucy holding the football Gonna go with option 2
  8. I’d say children’s books, toy trucks and yo-yos tells more of the extent of management’s influence and their true role here. The feuds over synch licensing, releasing material, etc comes from someone else and has spanned multiple managers I would be pleasantly shocked if anything from previous eras were made available.
  9. They’ll pull out the Up Close and Personal tours and ride it to state fairs if they keep nonstop touring We’ll see if it’s at all a creative force that moves forward regardless of the venues they play or if this was simply just the last go around for $.
  10. There will always be the few are the loudest syndrome in communities. I also agree there are things that pop up at times that are sort of out of their control and it should be called to attention when appropriate. It still doesn’t excuse their general reaction/relationship towards the community here though. I think generally, fans here want to see the band do well
  11. TB’s/GNR fan relations suck. I agree. Fans have a right to be negative about it. From what I’ve seen over the years, I think that comes from somewhere as well.
  12. Just to add. There’s only one constant here in decades of futility. It all comes from above in some fashion imo
  13. Finding open dates that work for the band and their routing plus every other artist imaginable rescheduling theirs at the same time must be an absolute clusterfuck. For whatever strategic reasons they are rolling out refunds in this manner, I hope for everyone that needs their $ it doesn’t take months to figure this out.
  14. They can be “money grabbing cunts” and also understand the sheer loss of revenue that will affect them. Lots of employees, vendors, union work in an industry that won’t see concerts for the next 6, 12 or possibly 18+ months. This thread is about GNRs cancelation/postponement though. I hope everyone gets some clarity with how to move forward with these dates
  15. I don’t work for LN, never said I didn’t work in entertainment and live music though. No insider info is needed to make the observation that their operating costs are huge and they aren’t receiving any revenue
  16. I don’t work for LN. Just saying their operating costs would wipe anything they’d possibly gain. This is basically a company that has no revenue globally for months on end at the very min.
  17. Anything gained is spent on operating costs and their employees. No one is coming out ahead here. If they go under, no one gets a refund. It goes to the banks and lenders
  18. It wouldn’t be the first time this band has been ass backwards in simply following the industry standard. Hope for the best and expect the worst
  19. As long as Live Nation is still in business, eventually you’ll be able to get a refund. How long that takes is another question entirely. Have tickets to small independent club shows? That might be an issue
  20. It’s also a logistical nightmare to postpone/cancel/reschedule pretty much every concert globally and provide refunds without bankrupting a company. Normally you are right but these aren’t normal times. Providing statements according to specific contract language must be whirlwind. I’m sure everyone is siding on caution there as it’s uncharted waters These shows weren’t happening. This situation sucks but it’s not just a GNR problem either. Some bands were lucky to get there situations handled earlier, others are still waiting. I hope everyone gets their money back that wants it
  21. The money is not in their account. It’s in the promoters/ticketing account Having to postpone/cancel/reschedule every major concert globally and provide refunds is a logistical nightmare where if done improperly, prob bankrupts a company
  22. I wonder if Guns makes these type of vendors chase $ or accept less knowing they’ll spend more in court
  23. Social media content is totally dependent on what the artist is willing to do and make available. Can’t make wine out of water
  24. To be fair, Metallica owns their masters and has their own record label to facilitate some of the things they’ve done (Which if GNR wants, they should have released more albums). Fan experiences, the way they’ve engaged with fans and their varied set lists aside, they aren’t really on an equal footing completely. It’s hard to compare two managers when their artists have different needs/objectives. I think his answer shows you their current focal point
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