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  1. Sure, that’s certainly an issue and it affects the relationship with this sector of the fanbase, which can be very vocal. Management should really only be all in or nothing publicly with the fans. Stopping by, getting offended and then retaliating only to flee into silence isn’t the best strategy for anyone. The way they present themselves at times is certainly unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate the band hasn’t/or isn’t allowed to step in there to connect with the fans more. Then these Fernando updates/interactions wouldn’t be at all necessary or highly subdued Measuring incompetence and
  2. Not to completely defend TB but there are plenty of managers for big time acts who didn’t go to college or get business degrees. Plenty of them are long time friends. There’s a level of trust that’s needed here. The most important aspect are your connections in the industry and the ability to build/manage a team of professionals at the highest level. Then you get into servicing the demand of your artist and implementing their plans through your team The issue has been that they’ve been dipping their toes in facing these fans over the years. You should really be either in or you’re out
  3. I believe those bands will do something. It’s such an iconic place More I think about it, if GNR is really ready to release something, tying it into fundraiser goals for the Troubadour and their employees isn’t the worst idea. It would certainly get coverage that beneficial for everyone
  4. I’d have absolutely no problem if they took things down and replaced it with official versions in its best quality on their channel, but alas
  5. UMG takes that revenue. Guns prob doesn’t see a cent on anything they release for the foreseeable future. That is unless UMG wants to donate proceeds which they would prob just tack on to expenses owed Edit: I read that wrong. They could set up a fundraiser where if they meet a goal, they will release something
  6. The entire concert industry is out of work for the foreseeable future. Prob something to do with that. People outside of the band and their internal team rely on these tours for income. Venues still have expenses which they now can’t meet.
  7. So when they released Civil War during the Gulf War did you have a problem with that?
  8. You realize Axl and the band has nothing to do with this? They show up if the promoter says the show is on. If it’s not, the promoter refunds your $
  9. He gave us our own $ back that will be taken from future tax returns He led the SBA program that allowed banks to favor clients that had leveraged debt, awarded businesses that were pro Trump or allowed publicly traded companies collect from its coffers and left much of Main Street to fight over scraps
  10. Maybe you’d have a point if Axl were receiving the same daily briefings and had the same available info as Mnuchin Was it possibly shaky judgement at the time? Sure. That’s not at all comparable to what was being accused here. It’s not on the same level
  11. The whole point is that it is not on the same level. One’s a rockstar and the other is the Treasury Secretary. Making music and updating fans isn’t and shouldn’t be considered on par with someone who should be focused on navigating through a financial crisis during a pandemic
  12. Biases in media will always exist and are necessary. The alternative to this is state run media. If you really don’t want to know the truth, by all means hope for that scenario
  13. There are plenty of threads here that pertain to an album release. Axl Rose having a back and forth Twitter response with the Treasury Secretary seems like it should be discussion worthy
  14. Such a great economy when it’s businesses can’t float payroll for 3 weeks and it’s citizens don’t have the means to miss more than 2 paychecks
  15. Maybe we should be holding the Treasury Secretary and the President’s administration to a higher standard instead of lowering it to Axl Freakin Rose’s level? Seems like some have that issue and are trying to put them on some sort of even playing field
  16. I’m saying it’s from experience but whatever. There’s a lot to nitpick management from a fan’s perspective here, this thing not so much. If anything he’s using music business language in a public setting
  17. As I said, often in a business setting. They use “we” often to refer to their team and the band. It takes more than just the band members to put on a large show
  18. Not that odd. I’ve heard managers say it often. Although usually it’s in a business setting
  19. That stuff is all produced for public release. Hell even the possibility of the Paris PPV show or Tokyo being up officially is more than what’s available. I think that’s the most of what we’d get here. I’d love to be proved wrong though
  20. They released Civil War in the midst of the Gulf War. I also highly doubt they would release an entire album’s worth of that type of material
  21. Or you can say it takes one to know one. Don’t think he’s calling himself innocent here.
  22. GNR is a global act who’s reach is more diverse than the demo of country pop radio.
  23. Yep. Tons of friends who are out of work right now and for the foreseeable future. They’ll have to find something to float until shows can return. That’s if some of those venues are still open for business. It sucks
  24. Say what you want about it, but the nonstop touring has floated/created a ton of jobs. Not just within the GNR camp. From beer vendors to local union work and all the way to jobs at Live Nation. Not that it was at all altruistic, but it’s contributed more to this country than what Treasury Secretary thinks
  25. Baby clothes isn’t anything new. I don’t blame them for going down different verticals selling merch. If people want to buy trucks and such that’s on them and it’s the band’s job to to look into that stream The issue is what does this band stand for? How do fans perceive what they stand for? What’s this band’s purpose? Does any of this stuff their selling fall in line with those answers? I sure can’t find the answer with a children’s book. You have to at least make the attempt to connect the item to the experience I’m also picturing in my head Kurt Cobain in the 90’s hearing th
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