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  1. Randy Jesus is basically correct.

    Look at the post above mine.

    "Yeah, we're not entitled to a new album when we KNOW there's more music in the vault"

    Newsflash: Just because something exists doesn't mean you're entitled to it. Axl/the band/management/whomever may not want to release that music. Maybe they don't think it's ready, maybe they don't think it ever will be. If this band never releases another album, you have every right to be disappointed, but you're not entitled to anything unless you somehow paid for the album in advance (and no, buying a ticket to a concert now doesn't entitle you to X number of new albums).

    The Bon Jovi/Springsteen comparison is laughable. If their fans -demanded- new music they'd get no response or a brush off. No band it going to cater to the whims of the fans unless they're a pop act just in it for the $$.

    I'm sure the logic of this will be lost on most that are left around here though.

    Looks like enforcement of the new rules isn't happening either, so - farewell MyGNR. Too many cupcakes pretending to be "critics"

  2. I don't disagree. I prefer VR with Scott. That said it's just what happened according to Matt when they were auditioning new singers.

    The Dio years in Sabbath actually weren't that bad but maybe that's hindsight given he's passed. I don't really like singer changes though. I can handle Guns because Axl is still singing. Voice is the most distinct thing to me personally.

  3. I think he might mean nixing singers. Matt commented in interviews about it. Like every time they brought in a new singer they were digging Slash would nix it.

    No disrespect to the guy but lightning rarely strikes twice. He's had two big name frontmen and almost a third with Corey Taylor... I don't see it happening again

  4. I'd say Weiland's later quote hits the nail on the head - it's easy to take every story at face value. Then you wind up having your own experiences and suddenly you have to wonder.

    Phil Anselmo was quoted today saying "it takes 4 people to break up a band" (he's referring to there being 4 members in Pantera). He has a point.

    Anyway - there was obviously some truth to the Slash story and VR was pretty much done from that moment forward. They haven't really done shit since.

  5. I don't care about Beta one way or the other but for those flipping out, keep in mind we could have Sharon Osbourne.

    I don't think Beta has much to do with the lack of new music.

    WTF are you talking about? Sharons been his manager since he split with sabbath and he's had a very successful solo career

    She pretty much saved his life, gave him a stable home environment and he has released six albums in the same time that Axl has released one. Ya.....we WISH that Beta was the next Sharon Osbourne.

    She also has a horrible reputation, and in some years had him touring when he probably shouldn't have been, and lets not forget the Iron Maiden incident. Sabotaging another band at a major festival = cunt move. Ask Billy Corgan how good a manager she was for Smashing Pumpkins (she lasted 3 months). She has had success with Ozzy because of their relationship and Ozzy himself. Sharon should get credit for keeping him alive, yes, but that's not what is needed here.

    In short, Sharon has a reputation as an absolute bitch. Meanwhile people are acting like Beta has three heads, over one fairly mundane comment. Doc, Merk, and others failed to get music out also and only Azoff had success, and that was more right place, right time with Best Buy trying to get a major exclusive and paying for the whole thing.

  6. Fun show. Unlike the fucking whiners in here I was at it. Took my Gf who enjoyed it (she's not a fan so they won her over) and had this to say about the guy dressed as Slash:

    "that's really sad. I want to give him a cookie then tell him to get help for his mental health."

    For the rasp crowd, he had it at times. The first 5 song or so were stellar. Estranged seemed a bit messed might have mixed up verses or I forget the order lol.

    This I Love was fantastic and got quite an ovation.

    Made a joke about asking Neil Young if they could cover Don't Let It Bring You Down and realizing he'd have to sing even higher

    People by us were chanting for a second encore

    I don't like the electrified Patience

    Not too many complaints on my part. I hadn't planned on catching this show at all - glad I did.

  7. I'd rather have new music be the focus after this tour.

    Now, on the next tour, as a second leg, a deep cuts tour could be fun. Stuff like:


    14 Years

    Nice Boys

    Reckless Life

    Use to Love Her

    You're Crazy

    Down on the Farm

    Ain't It Fun

    Civil War

    There Was A Time

    Catcher in the Rye


    Plus the staples - WTTJ, NR, YCBM, SCOM, DC, PC because I think you need most of them played. That wasn't in any specific order btw.

    Honestly though I think Axl has 5-7 years to get an album out and tour. You can have success in your 60s (look at the new Sabbath) but you don't want to count on it. Accept that nothing sells big numbers these days, get it out, and tour it. A second album would silence a lot of critics. Hell even an EP of CD era leftovers then a new album.

  8. Montreal 2013? You guys know that show hasn't happened yet right?

    They played a festival gig in Quebec City. Festival. Which means limited set time and casual fans.

    You could at least let the Montreal gig happen before judging it...

  9. That Paradise City wasn't so bad to my ears. I don't expect Axl to be able to do it with the voice he had 20 years ago, and also the tour must have taking it's toll on his voice. His glory days could be over, but he sounds good enough. Maybe you guys are too harsh on him.

    I just listened to PC and agreed, there's nothing wrong with it, sounded fine. I'm starting to think certain people here just have nothing better to do than bitch about nothing. Unless you're expecting studio quality... I saw Weezer last night, okay show, they were charging 90$ for tickets (I didn't pay), not every song sounded perfect, fun show though... and GN'R is far more entertaining and I don't think the quality is any different.

  10. Weezer is playing Toronto next week. Tickets are 92$

    GNR tix are 120$ but there's 25$ in ticket bastard fees. Hence coming out to 145 or whatever.

    Still I was more pissed to see the Weezer prices. I would have paid 45-50$ for them. 92$ for GA? At an outdoor venue? Nope.

  11. Lowest Price: General Floor Admission - Standing Room No Seats

    Mid Price: Back Balcony

    High Price - Small Balcony - Holds 30 People Close to the stage

    No Meet and Greet.

    This information was gotten from Sound Academy.

    So basically 30 people in front of the stage and GA behind them? I've been to sound academy and there is only one balcony that I know of.

    There are two balconies. One is at the side, one is further back. If you're facing the stage, the balcony for VIPs is often the one on the right, above the bar. If it's a 102.1 event they sometimes broadcast from up there.

  12. As someone who has seen lots of shows at the Sound Academy, the venue isn't bad. Couple of bars (sides and back of the venue) and you can get a pretty large number of people in.

    I've seen Sloan, I Mother Earth, Tokyo Police Club, The Sheepdogs etc. at it. Alexisonfire and Soundgarden did gigs there also. Soundgarden tix (the show was in the past year) were about 90$ or so. The 400$ for VIP is nuts but if I wasn't camping on the 15th I might do &125.

    Parking issues are overrated - unless you park right across from the venue. Within a 10 minute walk there will be a few lots that will be cheaper anyway. Public transportation isn't great to it though.

    It's the venue 102.1 does a lot of their shows at.

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