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BEST gig of my life


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So yesterday i arrive at the tap n tin in chatham at 4 o clock waiting for the pete doherty solom acoustic tickets to go on sale, i got my tickets bla bla bla went out and got pissed

next day and it still aint sunk in that im gonna see one of my heroes, so one of my mates'mates band was opening called letters from london, and were watching them souncheck all in all there must be about 7 people in the room

and the man himself walked up the stairs with his acoustic looked at the stage then walked out

we all stopped in shock and asked eachother did that just happen

so anyways we go back in later and there he is soundchecking, and we got booted out by bouncers

later on we que up with the rest

watch the openers bla bla bla

he walks through the croud to a fucking huge applause (by the way this was a 250 capacity) annd he climbed on the stage

he was so good i cant even describe, for all the people who say he aint talented go fuck your self!

he did libertine numbers, babyshambles and also solo stuff

me and 5 others were so crushed luckily we were allowed to sit on the stage with his....i felt priveleged

so at the end he goes thank you youve been a great audience

he jumps in the croud, and have it be he jumps on me

FUCKING ME i couldnt believe

so i grabbed the neck of his acoustic and strummed, then grabbed his hand and kissed it! and also grabbed the famous trilby

i must have been holding him for about 2 minutes so were a few others who were next to me

bouncers were going crrazy but fuck it, and pete loved it

all in all

that was the best gig i hav ever been to

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then grabbed his hand and kissed it!

Dude.. That's kinda gay...

It's ridiculous how people can be proud about stuff like this! He's also a human being you know. He just happens to make good music!

But I'm glad you had a good time anyway.

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