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Amy winehouse live?


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So Amy Winehouse is coming to cardiff in November, and im just wondering if shes a good live act?

I loved her last album, but would like to hear from people who have seen her live before i book the tickets?

thanks :)

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Apparently all her tours are on hold at the moment because she's (ironically) in rehab at the moment. Don't take my word for it though.

As for her live... youtube it buddy - http://youtube.com/watch?v=IlRF43-xaYc

only her US dates have been put on hold :) all UK dates are still happening.

and i hadnt seen that before, thanks ^_^ i probably will go and see her, simply because i find her incredibly hot in a weird way :lol:

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I've only seen her on The Charlotte Church Show, singing Beat It with Charlotte, and I was far from impressed. She tried to put her own spin on her parts and it did not work at all. Besides that though I've read/heard she's a good live act when it comes to her own material. ;)


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I saw her waaaayy back in the day before she was hooked on drugs and booze. Her family live near me--I see her mum about every now and again. My friends Amy has known her since primary school--they're not on mega-friendly terms, but they'd always stop to chat and say hello as they have the same name, plus, my friends' parents and Amy Winehouse's parents are matey. Anyway, 'cos of all these connections, I was invited along to a charity do at our local golf club--held by the Winehouses. If I remember correctly, someone very close to them had cancer and they were raising money for treatment. At this time, her first album was out in stores and doing well. She (reluctantly) got up on stage--she didn't really want to but her dad insisted, so she had to. I can't remember what she sang, but I remember thinking she was very good and that she had a unique voice. She gave it her all. She didn't have the beehive hairstyle either. I remember reading that her most recent performances weren't up to scratch due to her being intoxicated or obviously strung-out on something. However, apparantly she's doing well now. She was pictured today in the 'London Lite' in McDonalds looking well-fed. So, good news all round--hopefully she'll get on stage soon and blow everyone away.

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JDRM I thought you had taste man!

dude! i do!

but it just so happens outside the world of hard rock and metal...

I like amy winehouse :lol:

Aw c'mon, Kate Nash is miles better than her and Lilly Allen combined.

Amy Winehouse is just an alcoholic whose cancelling more shows than Axl has.

Musically, or by attraction? Because that Foundations is too bloody annoying. The accent just cuts right through me.

I like Lily Allens voice though, for some strange reason.

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