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Best Glam Metal Band

Sweet Raptured Light

Best Glam Metal Band  

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Twisted Sister had one hit. And faded away soon after.


they had more than 2 ,Shoot 'em down,I am (i'm me),You can't stop rock 'n' roll,The kids are back,Were Not Going To Take It,The price,S.m.f.,I wanna rock,Come out and play,Knife in the back and many many more these were all great songs twisted fuckin sister rules :rolleyes:

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Out of those bands, I'll say the Crue.

I also like RATT's debut album

The song You Don't know what you got till it's gone, fucking monster song. I think it's Cinderella.

Warrent's song Down Boys

A couple of Twisted Sister songs

That's how far I went with Glam Metal.

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You're trying to reference hair/pop metal, but you chose the "glam" label, which isn't really the same thing.

Glam doesn't necessarily coincide with the 80's onslaught of L.A. cheese. In their early days, Queen was glam, Bowie was glam, Alice Cooper, KISS, New York Dolls, etc. If you're talking about bands that wore make-up, we're going all the way back to The Stooges and Stones. The definitive glam-metal band to me, however, is Hanoi Rocks just because they kind of represent the transition of 70's glam into the 80's scene. They were the ideal among the many 80's poseurs, but they didn't necessarily sound like their hair metal peers that they had so much influence on.

Anyway, I hate to ramble, but I was just saying; if you're gonna poll glam bands, try incorporating all the bands that were considered glam and not just the typical 80's hair metal groups that young lads think of when they hear the word "glam."

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twisted sister 1st dees hair and make up get him #1


motley crue 2nd this is early crue


id say motley but they changed over the years dont get me wrong im all about the crue but just check out these videos of twisted sister i posted earlier and man it was glam.but i also agree about the earlier post where queen and bowie are considered glam as so Hanoi Rocks like he said and Enuff Z'nuff and Van Halen but i like twisted sister from the poll list cuz they still look the same

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