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Tyler Drama

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- everyone will hear it except for Bach, who will sit at home trying to call Slash to see if he wants to form a band called "Bachslash."

That is the greatest thing ever. :rofl-lol:

And stop with the Bach hate will ya?! He's awesome!

He's funny and just having a good time.

Yeah guy$! Ba$ i$ ju$t having $ome good time$! Leave him alone! :fuckyou:


Be careful or you'll be accused of being a Slashite. Sebastian should start a rap group called the Bachstreet Boyz

Actually that name sounds familiar... I think he's done something like that on Forever Wild, I'll have to refresh my memory...

Oh and Chris. :fuckyou:

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Axl guests on 3 tracks?

Isn't that a little excessive for one album?

Didn't you hear?

Bach's new record is the replacement for Chinese Democracy. See, Axl started by helping Bach record some tracks, but then he started writing his own lyrics and music, and he brought in his psychic orbs for clearance. Then he made Bach sign a little legal document giving him sole ownership of the Bach brand name. Next year Axl will fire Bach and take over his studio recordings. He will then fire Bach's bandmates and disappear for five years. Then he'll return with a new lineup (including Bach imitator Steve "The Tommy Gunn" Johnson of Minneapolis) and tour as: Guns N' Roses: Bach in Black. Someone will stop him at a live show and say, "Where's Bach?" and Axl will say, "He's in my ass, that's where Bach is!" Bach will form a supergroup called "Bach In Action," but since no one in the band is actually super at all, it will fizzle out once Bach shows up at the recording studio realizing he forgot to invite anyone else to the group.

As for Axl? He'll disappear for a few more years, then resurface promising to give us the long-awaited "Chinese Bachmocracy" album, featuring such killer demo leaks as "Madagassbach"" and "There Was a Bach." He'll give a special surprise performance at the 2012 VMAs, finishing his comeback by screaming, "ROUND TWO!" Then Kurt Loder will have a Super Magical Fantastic Mega Dance Hour and the album will be previewed for the entire world on GunsNRosesII.com - everyone will hear it except for Bach, who will sit at home trying to call Slash to see if he wants to form a band called "Bachslash."

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This post is a joke. I know some of you take everything literally, so I figured this was necessary.


That was genius.....

.....one of the funniest posts I've ever read on here..... rock3

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