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top 5 most passionate songwriters.

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most passionate songwriters? In my opinion? I suppose I'll make too lists, one for most passionate lyricists, and one for most passionate music writers/composers


1. Nikki Sixx- the man who wrote nearly every great song Motley Crue has to offer, the brains behind the band. Also, his side projects come off very well too, most notably? Sixx A.M.

2. Mike Patton- A big fan of all his work, but, ater hearing the song The Real Thing, he quickly became one of my favorite lyricists, as I found that song to remind of myself and how life can be

3. W. Axl Rose- A big fan of all the songs he wrote for Guns, most natably would be Estranged, one of my favorite songs, that one, and Coma are among my top 3 favorite songs of all time.

4. Izzy Stradlin- The man I consider the other half of the genius that was classic GN'R, I simply love his songs, even Izzy Stradlin and The Ju Ju Hounds drew my attention for his song writing

5. Jack White- After hearing Icky Thump(the entire album, mind you, not just the title track) I decided I really enjoyed the bluesy songs he enjoys writing so much.


1. Buckethead- Every song I've heard by him, whether it has a vocalist or not, has been beautiful and reminded me of why I love music, not just vocals, but, every aspect of it

2. Mike Patton- His vocal solos and experiments with sound really leave me always wondering if there's any sound he can't make with his voice, I almost think he'd be a better beat boxer than his friend Rahzel.

3. Les Clayppol- I don't listen to much by him, but, his bass solo's are amazing. If only he wouldn't sing, I'd listen to everything he's released.

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