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Any Good instrumentals?

Guest Sweet Tooth

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Guest banaszkiewicz

Ive just been listening to some GnR solos and instrumentals

and i really like them...i mean..insturmentals are very cool to listen to, as they are more emotion then song

so i have buckethead...which are good solos and instrumentals but i need you to help me find good solos/instrumentals...long ones are always good

any help will be thankful...even if they be original instrumentals or instrumental versions of songs!


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Frankenstein - Edgar Winter

YYZ, La Villa Strangiato - Rush

Losfer Words, Genghis Kahn, Transylvania - Iron Maiden

Anything by Django Reinhardt

The Attitude Song, or pretty much anything by Steve Vai

SRV - Eric Johnson

Halo Of Flies - Alice Cooper (it's got some verses, but it has a cool long instrumental part)

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rude mood, lenny - stevie ray vaughan

sally jo - sunset heights (the live version off of "born in houston")

hot sauce - son seals

anything by rodrigo y gabriela

thelonius beck - gov't mule

panfilo - from rebel meets rebel - david allan coe and pantera (even though it's only 34 seconds long, i think it kicks ass and wish it was longer)

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Buy that album:


I bought this one at his concert. It fuckin' rocks. Some really nice guitar melodies. It's his first instrumental only album, but what Paul Gilbert shows on this album is incredible. rock3

Here are some songs:

The Curse Of Castle Dragon:

Marine Layer:


This is Paul Gilbert playing the echo song (reminds me of Big Sur Moon)

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