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If you could reform New GN'R


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So imagine, all members of New GN'R had enough of the waiting and deicided to leave. We now only had the two "original" members remaining. Axl and Dizzy. Now you had the chance to refill the empty positions with the musicians you like. Only thing is, they can't have played in GN'R in the past.

So, these are the positions you have to replace:







Mine would look like this:

Drummer: Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)

Guitarist: Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull)

Guitarist: Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Guitarist: Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big, Racer X)

Bass: Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)

Keyboards: Jon Lord (Deep Purple)

Have been thinking about Jimmy Page, or John Petrucci instead of Dave Gilmour, but I then decided to pick Gilmour, because now the band has three awesome guitarists, who all have a different style. Was also a bit thinking about Jordan Rudess on keyboards, first, but then picked Lord. And Geezer Butler and Mike Portnoy are just awesome.

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I take some dead people with me on the ride.

Guitar: Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

Guitar: Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

Bass: Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)

Drummer: Darrel Sweet (Nazareth)

Keyboard: Isn't necissary

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Hmmmmm... hard one..

Drummer: Alex Holzwarth

Guitarist: Ronni Le Tekrø

Guitarist: Angus Young

Guitarist: Joe Perry

Bass: Marco Tapani Hietala (nobody plays Bass like this motherfucker)

Keyboards: FUCK THE KEYBOARDS... we want pure Rock&Roll rock3rock3

Edited by dally
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This thread is really funny, it really captures what a joke the current state of Guns N' Roses is

Might as well have just called this the create a supergroup thread, why does it have to be GNR? Thats fuckin dumb and pointless, is that all this band name means to the point were anybody could be in it?

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Guitar - Eddie Van Halen

Guitar - Dave Mustaine

Guitar - Me If I Was Good Enough But Im Not So Pete Loeffler ( Vocals When Axl Walks Off Also )

Bass - Dave Ellefson Or Lemmy

Drums - Lars Ulrich or Tommy Lee

Keyboard - Ahh Shit Cant Remember His Name But Children Or Bodom's Keyboardest

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Guns N' Roses is best like this.






I wouldn't want to remodel the band with other musicians. If I did, might as well go with what GN'R is now, and it's not the same.

A fantacy band, thread would have been better.

Axl Rose - Vocals/ Piano - '87-'93 era

Dimebag Darrell - Lead and Rythym guitars

Zakk Wylde - Lead and Rythym guitars

Vinnie Paul - Drums

Duff - Bass


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Lead Singer -Axl

Keyboard 1- Dizzy Reed replaces Chris Pitman

Keyboard 2- Chris Pitman replaces Dizzy Reed

Lead Guitarist 1- Robin Finck replaces Bumblefoot

Lead Guitarist 2- Bumblefoot replaces Robin Finck

Bass- Tommy Stinson

Rhythm Guitar-Richard Fortus

Drummer 1- Bryan Mantia replaces Frank Ferrer

Drummer 2- Frank Ferrer replaces Bryan Mantia

Keyboards: FUCK THE KEYBOARDS... we want pure Rock&Roll rock3rock3
Deep Purple had keyboards too. Edited by lagofala
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