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Vincent Vega

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Saw em on the 19th in NY played a really small set sadly.

Only song I recognized them play was "Welcome To The Machine" since they said they had a new CD of pure covers coming out.

But they won me over.

As in Floyd?! Sweet! You can find clips of Queensryche performing with Dream Theater playing about 8 songs of Floyd!!!

I remember seeing this band on the Friday Rock Show (UK on VH1) and thinking they were awesome, and buying the album the song was on, the name escapes me right now, but the critics PANNED the fucking thing like there was no tomorrow, and I loved it, so it was from then I decided NEVER to listen to a critic review. After that I bought Mindcrime and was fuckin' blown away.

I LOVED how every album after Mindcrime the critics were like "OH THIS IS SHIT WHY DONT THEY DO A SEQUEL TO MINDCRIME!!" and then when they released Mindcrime 2 nearly 15 years later they called them sell-outs for "resorting to the albums that sell well!"


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i was brought up with these albums and will never forget the first time i heard The Lady Wore Black and Queen Of The Reich and was just floored with tates voice.and then Take Hold Of The Flame was played one night on the radio and was so impressed.and now all these years later goeff tates voice is still great.one of my freinds just got MINDCRIME AT THE MOORE and i will be going out to get it soon

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