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Other bands bootleg section


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to quote Eric:

Having an occasionnal VR download is okay, but

having a dedicated section for VR Downloads is not the

Forum's mission "being a GNR related Forum".

In this case there are also legal ramifications to

having downloads, and I rather not touch the walyers of


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I think that's a pretty poor decision :unsure:


Over at the maiden bootleg side, they have a section with general bootlegs.

We've talked about it before and decided that we have enough trouble with monitoring the official material of GN'R. What happens when we bring in an "other bands" board when we have little/no idea of what material has been officially released? It would be too difficult to moderate, and would potentially detract from the focus of the forum (Guns N' Roses). That's the same reason why we don't have a Sport or Film section.

That's really good for the Maiden Bootlegs board - but again, this forum focuses on discussing GN'R. In fact, the Downloads section is just a side on to that - we don't want to become a board that focuses on bootlegs.

There are plenty of other boards that have other band's bootleg sections... apologies, but you'll just have to use one of those.

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I presume having some sort of sticky thread where you could post links to other sites that provide decent bootlegs would still fall under the RIAA's radar, even though you're not posting direct links to downloads?...

I'm on about the Dime a Dozen, Internet Archive, or SXSW type downloads... for example.

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