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Josh Freese

Vincent Vega

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He's considered to be pretty much the best session/studio drummer in the music industry, and has played with an absolute shitload of different artists from all different genres. DEVO, NIN, Evanescence, GNR, Good Charlotte, Cornell, Kelly Clarkson, Paul Westerberg, QOTSA, Suicidal Tendencies, Taxi Ride, Sting, and many more.

Only thing I've listened to extensively is his stuff with APC, which is awesome. Doesn't do massive show-boating fills or anything, but just always complements the song perfectly. Best stuff as far as his drumming goes?... The Noose has a drum track that is subtle, tasteful and brilliant. Judith, Thinking Of You, Pet, The Outsider if you want something harder and more aggressive. But pretty much anything from Mer de Noms or Thirteenth Step is gold.

And, yes, his work on Oh My God is great.

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he is the best. ive seen him 3 times with NIN and once with the vandals back in the 90s.

he's phenominal with NIN, he adds another dimension to the year zero stuff live, when they open to HYPERPOWER! josh kills it, flawless.

plus he is an awesome person, he made me a sandwich not long ago. also, he's been making insane videos whilst on tour with NIN - watch them, they're hilarious http://www.youtube.com/user/joshfreese !!!

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