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Toy Soldier


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this song just proves this man is a special writer, toy soldiers is a class song, some others he's writen are just top shelf as well,

i hate half of his songs, you know when he's slapin bitches and to busy trying to be a hard ass homie, 50cent style, but when he's rapping about issues and whats going on inside in his head and land, he's one of the best.

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Guest banaszkiewicz

eminem has some disorder i believe...i think its split personality

there are 3 types of eminem...theres

1) eminem- the serious, daughter-loving one

2) Marshall Mathers - the "kill you" and other graphic rap one


3) slim shady - which is the funny ass one

im not sure if thats that correct order...but its true...i know his slim shady persona was created when he was on ecstacy (or some other drug), where he refused to be marshall mathers or eminem, thus creating slim shady

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I used to love him when I was younger in my more innocent years [ironic?]. From his new stuff that ive heard, he's gotten lame like anyone else. But I remember a couple of his older albums were pretty good and if I still had them, I'd listen to them. I really liked some of the lyrics of his songs, he's the kinda guy who really writes [or used to write, at least] about real shit.

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He has his moment, like IMO Stan has really good and smart lyrics... But the chorus is ripped and same story goes for a ton of his hits - and as the chorus is the main hook in the song..

His most famous self written choruses seem to all say "Hi my name is Slick-a-slim-Shady" or stuff like that.

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