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What about touring with The Strokes or The Hives?


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"The Strokes" is an American Rock band from New-York, they are quite popular but not so much, they would be perfect to Tour with GN'R next year.

They've sold around 8-10 million albums worldwide, the record "is this it?" was quite popular here in Europe a few years ago.

They are Guns N' Roses fans too, especially Nick Valensi (guitar player).


The Hives:


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"Is This It" is a solid album.

GNR has to release an album before the next tour or I'll spit on his doorstep until I run out of bodily fluids.

The Strokes and The Hives are good Rock bands, both would be great, but I prefer "The Strokes".

But please, for God's sake, no more Bullet for my valentine or a7x, heavy-metal bands do NOT work for a GN'R concert. They were horrible opening acts in Europe.

Bring back Rock bands, not fucking heavy-metal noise.

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