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Gordon Comstock

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I like about 1 or 2 songs by them. other then that, I despise them, ever since seeing a ton of depressed teenagers scream and growl hitting one another girls and boys..in a big sweaty, smelly 'rock' night club to their shit, it just totally freaked me out, it scared me. their music is scary!!!!!!11

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yeah, alittle bit i like 'em..lol.. I'm looking forward to the new album next year.. I don't really care to go stand around a bunch of sweaty smelly people, but when the tour comes around i'll be first in line to see 'em.. I cant wait til everyone is looking back on the band and talking about talented they all are.. It's alittle hard to see sometime's, but everyone from the percussionist to the DJ are just as talented as the guy.. They're one of those bands that if you took out any one component and added someone else, it wouldnt ever be the same..

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