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Off subject but please read

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Hey everyone,

I am a lifelong Guns fan. I have spent tons of money on the band in the last 20 years like many of you and I have seen Axl live 3 times: First Vegas show 01-01-01, Columbus 02, and Cleveland in 06. I am also constantly reading the posts here.

Off the GNR subject I need your help (please leave this up for atleast tonight, moderators). My band, which you can hear @ www.myspace.com/crowhollowblonde is in a contest with Spin Magazine's hot pursuit. If we reach #1 tonight we will have a chance along with 15 other bands at a record contract with Epic Records. Right now we are sitting at the #9 spot.

Please grab your cell phones and text CROWHOLLOWBLONDE to 628466 or go to http://crowhollowblonde.musicnation.com and vote ---this could literally change our lives. It just takes 30 seconds.

Thank you all so much for your time and effort,

Nick Ramsey

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you better win mate, I signed up and I had to look for a postal code in america since I don't live there in some book, and I found for NYC so I could vote for you man.

good luck

EDIT: sorry man, they wouldn't take my phone number valid, since it's so short (they're all short in Iceland) and I did try using online service to text message, didn't find any except for the Icelandic ones and they wouldn't work except I send to an Icelandic number.

man, I really felt like I should vote for you for some reason, even if I didn't listen to your music, but good luck anyways

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