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Listen to the new Sebastian Bach single!!


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Yeah it's the old version that has been on Bachs My space for ages (http://www.myspace.com/sebastianbach), I can't believe anyone would think Axl was on the radio (myspace) version, haven't you guys heard this on his myspace yet??? It's been there long enough!

By your side is another track on the Angel Down record, and there's a decent live version of it on his myspace too, worth a listen, can anyone rip this song to mp3?, I have a decent non Axl Bitchslap if anyone's interested.

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Awesome song, but if you guys can hear Axl in that you clearly have way better hearing/listening skills than me.


I can see this 'im just' line, becoming the next internet phenomena :lol: just like the ORLY owl


That picture is awesome beyond words.


Q: Well, I was told that he's on "(Love Is) A Bitchslap".

Sebastian: Oh, you were already told that? OK, well, that's' one. [Laughs] He sings on that, yes, and it's unbelievable — his voice is like a razor; it just really cuts, and it's an amazing thing for me. It's kind of like a duet — he's not just in the background, it's more of a prominent sound.

So when we hear the track with Axl, we will hear him clearly, not have to guess if he's buried in the background somewhere.

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I've heard that Kid's new album is really good. I haven't had a chance to pick it up, but the clips I've heard in adverts and news spots has been really good. I've always considered myself a fan of his - in the raprock incarnation, the country incarnation, and now the rock one should just join the list!

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