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Thats weird - about 3 days ago I heard this band so I got some of their music and I love it. I'm not usually keen on female singers either, but she's amazing.


Yes she is amazing and I love "I'm so Sick."

Not that it matters, but they are a Christian Band; and for that reason I was little taken-back when I heard they were touring with Korn.

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I really Love them, I wanted to go see them soo badly when they came to my town, and they came with Sick Puppies too!!! nobody cares about kill hannah. lol

I was going to buy the cd, but I waited for the special edtion with the music videos and acustic performances.I t was well worth it.

Some of the other songs I like are Tina, Amy Says and Broken Wings.

Very good band, I'm waiting for the next album.

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