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Favourite drummers...


Favourite drummers...  

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There's a few on that list i like but...where's Neil Peart?

Yeah, can't believe I forgot Neil Peart. Some other great drummers are Bryan Mantia as you all know and Joey Jordison of Slipknot. Joey's a fucking monster of a drummer imo ;)

FUCKING THANK YOU.. I was fixin to get UPSET that no one had mentioned Joey.. Joey is a fuckin god behind the drums.. like a fuckin master of the universe.. and Neil Peart.. I'd love to hear a Neil Peart Joey Jordison collaboration.. just them two, fuckin off on the drum's.. it'd be a music fan's wetdream.. atleast any music fan that can appreciate real music.. I'm ashamed and very very very dissapointed in everyone here for not mentioning Joey or Neil.. I can forgive Joey.. but Neil Peart? I mean come on.. thats like saying "who's the greatest vocalist of all time.. and not even mentioning Bruce Dickinson... you all sicken me...lol..

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Never really liked Pauls solowork by the way.


No, I haven't. I think most of it are pretty boring. About 5 songs which I like. Live and let Die are not one of these.

I dont like much of his solo stuff either, but have u heard his very first solo album Mcartney? Thats got some greta songs on it.

On topic, out of those drummers, i picked john bonham.

My favs would be:

Charlie Watts

John Bonham

Reni (Stone Roses)

Steven Adler.

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