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Guitar Pro Tabs: Use Your Illusions Tour

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These tabs aren't all my own I'd love to give the people who made them credit but the truth is, I don't know who made them. Most of them are from MySongBook.com

Guitar Pro is a program for guitar players that basically "plays" the tabs with you. It's great for practicing your guitar playing.

I decided, since I had nothing better to do, to make a compilation of Guns N' Roses tabs as they were played during the Use Your Illusions Tour 91-93. All these tabs contain following tracks:

Axl Rose - Vocals

Duff McKagan - Bass

Slash - Lead Gtr

Izzy Stradlin - Rhythm Gtr

Matt Sorum - Drums

and at some:

Dizzy Reed (Keyboard)

Teddy Zig-Zag (Keyboard & Harmonica)

Axl Rose (Piano)

Some things just can't be tabbed this way, like the ending of Sweet Child O' Mine with all the feedback and stuff. But I did my best to make these the work live & as close to the way GNR played them.

The setlist for this is:

01 - Perfect Crime

02 - Mr. Brownstone

03 - Live & Let Die

04 - Dust N' Bones

05 - Welcome To The Jungle

06 - It's So Easy

07 - Don't Cry

08 - Yesterdays)

09 - Nightrain

10 - Wild Horses Jam

11 - Patience

12 - Double Talkin' Jive

13 - Civil War

14 - Rocket Queen

15 - Coma

16 - Pretty Tied Up

17 - Sweet Child O' Mine

18 - You Could Be Mine

19 - It's Alright

20 - November Rain

21 - Bad Obsession

22 - Locomotive

23 - Right Next Door To Hell

24 - So Fine

25 - Godfather Theme

26 - Anything Goes

27 - My Michelle

28 - You're Crazy

29 - Think About You

30 - Knocking On Heaven's Door

31 - Estranged

32 - Paradise City

I hope you enjoy them!

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