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Madonna's confessions...


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Have you seen this show.. or any show from the Confessions tour? The show is amazingly AWESOME!

The music is great and Madonna sings great... and I'm absolutely speechless when it comes to the dancing horeography.. It's beautiful, scandalous, incredible.. just simply in the style of Madonna! ;)

If you haven't seen it - SEE it! IT is great! The greatest concert I've seen by far in the pop music..


ANd if you have seen it share your thoughts? Which is your fave song or dance? PErsonally I have my weakness for Erotica song and its dance but I'm really amazed by the dance of Isaac and Like a virgin ;)

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Yes, I've seen it.

I love some of the stuff Madonna has done over the years, and, my "music snobbery" aside, I'm not scared to admit it.

Admittedly, I can't really stand her as a person (!!!) but she's done some interesting things and she always puts on a good show... and she still looks fantastic given her "Old Crock" status.


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