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Fortunate Son & W.A.S.P.


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Dominator is the 14th studio album by the American heavy metal band W.A.S.P., it was released in 2007. Covers of Burn by Deep Purple and Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival were included on the originally announced tracklisting, but were dropped from the album's final cut. Dominator is based on the current American foreign policies. It may be interesting to note, that the song Fortunate Son was included on some cuts of this album in various parts of the World, in place of Deal With The Devil.

According to Wikipedia, the CCR-cover by WASP is included on some copies of the album "Dominator" around the world. I didn't know that... Has anyone heard it?

How is it?

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Im gonna see W.A.S.P next saterday ^_^^_^


10/11/07 Saturday NORWAY Jevnaker Glasheim <a href="http://www.waspnation.com/tourdates.html" target="_blank">http://www.waspnation.com/tourdates.html</a>



13/11/07 Tuesday NORWAY Oslo Rockefeller

EDIT2: and OF COURSE I HAVE TO BE 18!!!!!!

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Inquiries have been made as to whether The Crimson Idol will be performed only in select locations. The Crimson Idol Event will be performed every night in each of the cities in the Tour Schedule. After the Crimson Idol has been performed the band will take a 10 minute intermission and return to perform all the great W.A.S.P. classics you know and love.

So, in some places he's going to play everything from 'The Crimson Idol'. :xmasssanta:

But what about 'fortunate son'?

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