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How the hell do rockstars survive there life style?


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I mean i havnt read but have heard stories from interviews from Slash's auto-biography. Drunk by 11 AM on half a gallon of vodka, and tons and tons of drugs, Nikki Sixx, dies what 2,3,4 times. Steve and Joe the Toxic Twins, they were huge druggies are pushing 60 and are in way better shape than me. How do they manage to stay alive and perform good when there lit up and smashed what ever. And Slash is pretty normal compared to other people who have done what he has and healthy except for his heart. But shit it amazes me, anyone else?

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

They got money enough to buy themself better basic condition. But you shouldn't forget everyone that didn't make it that well... Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious etc.

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I think a lot of it is to do with the fact that your average rock star is privvy to a better quality of drugs than the junkies on the street who have limited finance.

Alcohol creeps up slowly and the body is fairly resilient at first... until the exploding pancreas kicks in.

Most rock stars survive their early years by kicking the addiction thing into touch before their third album.

They then fuck off to India, whilst they're still young, and "find themselves" - thus avoiding drowning in their own vomit or nailing themselves with a bad speedball.

They will then invariably release a half arsed album claiming that it's the "best thing they've ever done" because they're now "clean" and due to this perceived "clarity" they will fail to realise that, in fact, it's the worst thing they've ever done.

Once the "clarity" really kicks in they will release an album of terrible cover versions in an attempt to "return to their roots".

That's about the time they'll become "lost" of direction and, paranoid at the flagging numbers at their gigs, will hit the drugs and booze again... for a while.

After the inevitable two-year long "lost weekend" they will sober up and suddenly return to form.

Invariably, at least one good album will come out of this.

Call me a cynic...

EDIT: By this logic, Chinese Democracy should have arrived mid-90's and been awesome... not that I was basing this model on GNR or anything...

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