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a wrote a song. the song is a bit emo which im not proud of, cause its about being shy and how much that sucks. but i think there are some pretty interesting lyrics in it. here it is. what do you think of the lyrics?

I’ve got nothing to say

Maybe I should say goodbye to the world

But my mind isn’t blank

Its just filled with paranoia

I feel so deranged

I feel different in so many ways

Everybodys living so free

But im here stuck, trapped in third gear


when I try to fit in my heart will begin to race

my palms are sweaty, my arm starts to shake

when people see me they think im a creep

I cant feel normal till im asleep…alone

People have their image of me

They’ll nether know the real me

Maybe I should move, a new setting, new identity

But id still be the same

I cant unlearn these treacherous ways

Our friendship died so long ago

We drifted apart so fast it feels like just yesterday

Its all my own fault I know

there’s no point if we revive it, it will just be a ghost

Life goes too fast

I cant help living in the past

As I fade away

I retreat, reclude into my world alone

I feel like theres no life inside of me

If I died would I even bleed?

A walking corpse, a shadow, a lie

Im so numb I cant even cry

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