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Me playing Frozen Brain Tells No Tales

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I've been playing the guitar now for about 9 months. This is me playing Buckethead's "Frozen Brains Tell No Tales".


P.S. Don't make hair jokes. I know I had a bit of a bad hair day, when I recorded that video. Concentrate on the musical aspect. :P

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Were you the one who did that Iron Maiden cover earlier in the year saying you'd just started? If so, you're progressing nicely, it was neat, in time and had a good rhythm. Keep practicing and with time you'll have that lively feel that Buckethead's version has. Doing great mate ;)

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Yes, it was me who did play the Iorn Maiden song. ;)

I recorded the song with a cheap microphone, because my plug in, had some issues. I don't have a delay either. Well I have one on my AMP, but I can always changed that right while playing. So I added very few delay to the intro riff afterwards on the computer. I can't remember but I think it was aboutz 1/32 The other stuff has no delay. You should try a bit.

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