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Kate Nash..annoying.

Gallagher Rose

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Yeah,I must say I would love to fuck her,cute girl..but in the end,she's just a Lilly Alen clone,whining about the men who fucked her and tons of useless shit in her songs.

I listened to her album today..what a fuckin' stupid and annoying accent,worse than Lilly fuckin' Alen.

Wank me off Kate!

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Apparently she rushed her album on the back of the success of "Foundations" and, my word, it shows... not that that makes much difference.

Granted, I'd still "pump" her... and whilst I was doing it, I'd be saying "BY THE WAY, I REALLY LOVE YOUR NEW ALBUM".


"...and she's buy-ay-ing a stairway to heh-eh-vaaaaannnn..."

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