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Scar Symmetry


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ok, this band is totally fucking excellent.

they are all great musicians. great double bass drumming. one of the best drummers IMO.

the guitar work is fantastic.

the singing is so full of energy, he signs amazing when he does the harsh parts, but his clean voice for me is the part for me that stands out about this band.

they only have two albums out cos they are a relatively new band.

at the minute they are touring North America with The Haunted and Dark Tranquility.

if their doing a date near you, you should see them.

i cant wait for them to do a gig in ireland.

if you have never heard of them,(most likely no1 has heard of them on here) give them a chance and listen to at least one song.

i truly dont know how someone could not like this band.

The Illusionist

please give me some feedback if you like them or not. :P

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Melodic Death Metal


Scene metal "posers" bands


how are they posers? if anyone is a poser here that's you

on topic:

wow i really liked them, they kick ass rock4

yeah, how are they posers? they have the talent douchbag.

yeah, i would reccomend getting their "Pitch Black Progress" album, tis awesomeness.

and also listen to the song "dreaming 24/7" on youtube. tis class.

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