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Couple of guitar/sound tips...

- Make sure you have your guitars set up properly so that the intontation and everything is correct. Nothing sounds worse than a rubbishy amateur band playing sweet child with a cheap strat that hasn't been setup properly.

- Use the same tuner/same type of tuner for all guitars. It helps to keep everything in tune. Using a different tuner per instrument may lead to the sound being ever so slightly out, resulting in rubbishness.

- Rehearse as much as possible. Per rehersal, keep to one or two songs only and keep doing them over until perfect.

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Well my first serious touring band (which split up in september - we all went to uni) basically had a pracitce pretty much every week.

Im not so sure about only playing one or two songs per session. We never learnt more than one or two songs per session and got them sorted. But we always did a few runs through of the numbers we played.

Basically as soon as you have a couple of songs, record them in some manor. Set up a myspace and get a modest number or listens / plays while sending out demos to absolutly everywhere !

As for amps, we generally would kit share with other bands and bass would go through the PA system. Remember be friendly and karma does exist in the music buisness.

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promotion promotion promotion. some bands can be shite but if you get enough people there and fill the pubs then landlords will tell others and so on and so forth.

dont just turn up and rip off other bands, use influences, dont copy them. influences are influences. spend a lot of time tuning up! for fucks sake ive bin to so many gigs where the guitarist just isnt in tune until after a few songs. remember that where the stuff is stored until you go on may be cold and the bar will be getting hot so that will bugger your tuning.

practice more than once a week and make sure you ALL show up on time. its crap when you get there, get ready then the drummer arrives late and then has to spend a good 30mins sorting his kit out.

dont be put off by playing to just bar staff, youve got to start somewhere.

when it stops being fun give it up because it shows when you play and makes the crowd feel on edge.

never be bigger than the band - your a team, you all need each other.

oh and have back ups!!! nothing worse than when your nailing a great practice and you break a fucking string or something irreplaceable. though most studio practice places have a shop now. But that doesnt happen at gigs. i try to take two basses if i know my strings are either old or brand new. once i forgot and snapped my E string and the cunts in the other band wouldnt lend me there. so i threw my bass off and walked off the stage. nowt else i could do.

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