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Eddie Cochran


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Eddie was the fuckin man, wasn't he? :) i mean Elvis was that bad ol' rock n roll, but people like Eddie and Jerry Lee knew their fuckin audience, the high schools, the high school kids, the first overboard songs that talked about what rock n roll is all fuckin about anyway, chicks, cool cars, money, having fun (something that a lot of rockers seem to hold against hip hop at the moment, which is odd). songs like Somethin Else speak to fuckin everybody whoose American, same with C'mon Everybody, Teenage Heaven, Three Steps To Heaven, they were just straight ahead, catchy, slick, snappy fuckin songs that i've always loved and...yeah, just checking to see if anyone else does. Twenty Flight Rock, how can you not like that song? well i walk one two flight three flight fooour, five six seven flight eight flight more (im sure no one needs a typed rendition :P)

but yeah, any fans?

Oh, and the obligatory useless piece of trivia that i feel obliged to supply...Dave Dee of the british 60s pop sensation Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch (its fucking Mick, not Mitch, i dont care what Death Proof or Tarantino says, look it up, isnt he getting sloppy? name dropping and getting the name wrong) was the first person, on site at Eddies death, the car wreck y'know, anyways so he took Eddie's guitar before the vultures got there and kept it til the shit blew over and returned it to Eddies family, wasnt that lovely of him? :)

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