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would you guys....

Chris Axl

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt
I know The Sex Pistols are/was like THE punk band. But I just like GDs music more.

You preffering Green day doesn't make them the better band.

Oh. ^_^ You can continue the "whos betta" thread here, only that you replace Guns N' Roses by Green Day, and Nirvana by Sex Pistols.

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that was fucking amazing! :lol:

Did someone throw something at Sid?

they certainly did :lol: i hope i made my point better than my usual essay would by showing you just exactly how the boys get down. find me another band that wouldn't walk out under those conditions? a serious band, not some retarded freak show like GG Allin and The Murder Junkies. in a day where the Snoop Doggs of this world leave the stage after getting tapped by an evian bottle not to mention the 50 Cents and Axl Roses of this world, its refreshing to see a bunch of no nonsense boys really fucking bring it. its not even that they were tough guys, they just mean it maaaaan :lol: (dork!)

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As musicians and songwriters... damn straight they're better.

Aside from the Sex Pistols influential status, they weren't that great... sure they changed music forever, but as for their music, it wasn't that good. Green Day made and continue to make amazing songs.

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