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No he didn't!

Chris Axl

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Does Marilyn Manson use it in a offensive way on "Irresponsible Hate Anthem"?

I could be wrong but I never heard him get criticized for using that word in that song.

Maybe they were too busy blaming him on school shootings to notice.

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Bob Dylan - Hurricane

He uses the word black person! (n-i-g-g-e-r)

Didn't he release that song in the 70s or something? Some radicals must have went fucking crazy

Why would that song have upset radicals? That song was radical. Context, dude.

Why is this even a topic. To me it just goes to show that racism is alive in well.....we are shocked, outraded, and sometimes agree. Yet we continue to feed it more food.


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It wasn't a big deal because he was singing in support of a black person. Also the line goes "all the black folks said he was just a crazy black person". He didn't just call the guy that for no reason. In context it makes perfect sense but like anything you can just pick stuff out and make it a big deal.


:lol: didnt realize it would change the lyric to black person when I typed that. :lol:

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bob dylan can do whatever the fuck he wants

he's proved that time and time again

if he wants to put white face paint on and go onstage as a clown, he's going to

if he wants to do a folk album to follow up revolutionizing rock, he's going to

if he wants to make a bloody gospel album after revolutionizing two genres, he's going to

case in point - he can do whatever he feels like he wants because pretty much everything he touches people are going to respect and rationalize - except maybe Self Portrait which goes over most dylan-phites out there (like me)

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt
I didn't call him a racist. I just find it weird that some people didn't made a bigger deal out of it.

Are you trying to make the americans make a bigger deal about this word then they already does? :laugh:

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