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Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

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I've been using the Marshall MG100HDFX half-stack for a few months now. I bought it because at the time I couldn't shell out the extra money for a tube amp, so I decided to go with solid-state and didn't think the MG was as bad as most people made it out to be.

Now after trying out the JCM 2000 at my local music shop, I'm starting to wish I would have just held off for a bit and kept saving for a tube amp. I've decided on saving up for the DSL 50. It's slightly cheaper than the DSL or TSL 100, plus I've heard it has slightly better tone because the tubes are pushed more. When I finally save up enough, I'll probably get it with the 1960A cabinet.

Just wanted to hear other opinions on this amp.

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there are mixed opinions on these amp on the net, i have the dsl401 combo which sounds different from the 50 as it has different valves, dont know how they still call mine a dsl if it sounds nothing like the others, people say they sound to modern to do the old stuff but they are good for what they do, i have days where i like the sound of mine and other days when i hate it, so im now looking for a jcm800, you would probably be better and maybe even cheaper looking for a jcm800 off ebay, these are said to be the best of the marshall amps

btw - im pretty sure robin fink uses a tsl100 and most of the comments i hear say the dsl sounds better than the tsl

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I can't say Im a fan of the JCM 2000 series. I think the sound is way to cold, way to.. modern?

The JCM2000 series is not what I associate with tube Marshall. The sound of an SLP, JCM 800, and other old tube marshalls

is way more open, and warmer.

It's a good metalamp though.

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I've had the TSL100 for about 8 years, was a good versatile amp, especially if you play with no or light distortion. I've changed the tubes and played with the bias a bit which does alter the sound and requires more work, patience and money than a SS amp. The DSL does have a different sound, some prefer- use your own ears and try them both out- BTW- the VPR switch is killer- great tone at low volumes.

That being said, I just got the JCM800 reissue a few months ago and I havent touched the TSL since then. It is so god damn loud. I rarely play it past 2 or 3 and that's in a 1000 sqft basement on a half stack. TSL needs to be on about 6 to hit the same level. It's pretty much a 1 trick amp, but get a decent pedat or 2 and it's a great metal/rock amp. Check out the 800 before you go with the DLS (although the 800 is around $2000 new and DSL around $1200, may need to save up a bit.

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