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Song Remains The Same...on the big screen


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A newly restored hi def 5.1 version of the mighty Zep's film will be shown in select movied theatres,intended to coincide with the release of the newly remastered dvd's that hit the stores next week.

One Night Only.

If your one of the lucky ones who gets a crack at this in your city,I highly recommend the big screen experience!

It gives the film a whole new dynamic.

I've seen it many times on the silver screen.

From midnight screenings to double feature grindhouse showings (back to back with Let There Be Rock and/or the movie "Jimi".

Also saw it as an opening act at a concert (it was shown on a screen with the audio cranked through the band's P.A.,the band was called Moxy...Ontario's own 70's Led Zep back in the day).

I can only imgine how amazing it's going to look and sound now!

Here's more info..


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