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Duff Says He And Slash Discussed Possible GNR Show


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DATE: Nov. 23, 2007

SOURCE: Courier-Mail



Darren Cartwright, Amy Harris, Phil Bartsch

23 November 2007

The Courier-Mail

Big smoothie gunning for reunion gigs

VELVET Revolver's bass guitarist Duff says he's open to hooking up with Guns 'N' Roses again and, of course, Axl Rose -- as as long as it's not too chaotic. And he intends seeing Australia on a Harley-Davidson when his band tours next month.

Speaking to Qconfidential from a beachside bar in Maui where he ordered a cocktail during the interview, Duff, pictured with wife Susan last year, said he and Slash had discussed a possible Guns 'N' Roses show.

``It would be a lot of fun as long as it was on a fun level and say just 10 shows to huge crowds,'' Duff said.

``But we're not really hanging around for a call or with our breath held.''

Duff's more immediate focus is Velvet Revolver's show on December at the Brisbane Convention Centre. The band has visas for their visit downunder, unlike their tour of Japan which had to be cancelled because they were denied visas.

He was last here with the band a couple of years ago and surprised a number of locals, especially a three-piece cover band, when they turned up at the Victory Hotel on a Sunday night.

``Brisbane's an awesome place and I remember that pub and the people were really friendly,'' Duff said.

``Anywhere where there's sunshine and palm trees people are happy.''

As for his love of Harleys: ``We're going to get a couple of bikes and on our days off tour around country. It's better than staying in your hotel room.''

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