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How much of your music collection did you actually buy?


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Nearly all of it. I have a mountain of CD's and records.

Yeah same, there might be two or three CD's that I have basically kept when someone has borrowed it to me because they didnt like the CD. But I have this thing where I cant download an album and add it to my collection. I have to buy it. Nothing compares to the real album cover, the sound etc. I reckon my record collection would be close to $1,500 including some vinyls.


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I usually download the album first, and if I think it's 9/10 or 10/10, I'll buy it on CD. Unless it's a release by one of the artists I love, which I usually go and buy on the day of release. Last one I did this for is Year Zero.

I have a pretty stacked collection, around 500 CDs maybe.

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all of it really...i mean i've download cds but they dont last long because...well im not sure, they either just get wrecked or...because you cant like...i dunno, they're just treated as pretty much disposable anyway. i fuck up most of the cds i have because i never put them back in the case but...i dunno, i guess you naturally have more care for something you paid for as opposed to some ratty 99 cent blank disc without a song list or...i dunno, most of my albums just get trashed after a while...i've started to take more care recently for the sheer fact that i should have a cd collection of thousands right now but i only have like 5 or 6 at a time that are accessible (im moving a lot lately so the rest are packed away) but they're packed fucked cuz i had to get em all into some semblence of case but because they were all mix n match off of my bedroom floor its like, every cd is in the wrong case (it would've taken a couple of years to find the right case for each one and put it in and i only had a couple of hours :lol:) and...i dunno, its a lot of fuckin money spent with not a lot to show for it so im trying to be more careful with em now but its hard to break the habit of a life time.

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