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Slash says in his book that he used a Gibson SG for My Michelle. The rest might have just been his 1959 replica Les Paul, I cant remember if he talked about any other guitars on the final recording of Appetite.

I'm not sure about Izzy on Appetite, but I asume he used his Gibson ES - 175 (the one you gave the link for) as its the only guitar I have seen him with from that era.

I'm not sure if Slash recorded You Could Be Mine with his BC Rich Mockingbird, because on earlier 1991 performances of the song he uses a Les Paul. Perhaps these shows and the recording were before he purchased the Mockingbird.

As for Izzy, he might have recorded some of the Use Your Illusion stuff with a Gibson Les Paul Custom or a Fender Telecaster, because he used both of those on the Illusions shows he played.

The tones were not horrible on the Use Your Illusion records, I like the sound.

But I supose the different tones could come from different acoustics in a studio, perhaps Slash and Izzy purposley changed their sound slightly or maybe they experimented with different amps. I dont really know the answer to that one.

Hope that helps anyway :)

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