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Stereophonics 22.11.07 review


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Well I went to see Stereophonics on Thursday night so, it might not be most people's cup of tea but I just have to say it was probably the best gig I've ever been to. What will follow is a short review of said concert rock2

Setlist (It's only what I can remember so I might have missed some things. First five and last two are correct, rest are just in the wrong order)

Intro - Moviestar

Bank Holiday Monday

The Bartender & The Thief

A Thousand Trees

My Friends


Doorman (introduced as 'All Bouncers Are Bastards')

Kelly's Solo - a medley of Have A Nice Day/Hurry Up And Wait/Maybe Tomorrow/Traffic

I Could Lose Ya

Mr. Writer

Daisy Lane (Kelly got quite emotional before this, talking about a kid who got stabbed for his mobile phone close to Kelly's home)

I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio

Roll Up And Shine


Just Looking

Pick A Part That's New

The Last Of The Big Time Drinkers

Local Boy In The Photograph


It Means Nothing


Amazing, Kelly sounded 1000x better than he does on the albums and that's saying something, they don't run around and get out of breath or anything, just play and move around a bit and it really helps his voice. Band was on fire, their drummer is fucking awesome. Some nice stories in between songs, one great one about a bouncer before they played Doorman. Fantastic setlist, all of their hits and a lot of older stuff. Plenty of songs from all of their albums squeezed into a good 2 hours. The Bartender And The Thief is just THE song live. There was even a nice little solo section for Kelly where he played a medley of a couple of songs, was a nice opportunity to rest. The support were The Enemy, they're nothing special, singer seems to think he's Paul Weller a lot of the time, every one of their songs sounds the same. Had a great view of the stage, was bang in the middle right in front of the stage about 5 or 6 rows back. Very bouncy crowd, especially in the first 3 and Dakota. Got drenched in lager about 4 times but all in all was just superb, would seriously recommend going to see them rock3 their stage setup rocks, really simple but still cool, just some huge screens behind them and the lips from the album cover of Pull The Pin on the stage floor. I shall most definitely be going again, I have some pictures and videos below but they're not very good and makes it look like we were way far back when we were really just in front of the stage. Best song of the night was either The Bartender & The Thief for the sheer insanity of the crowd or The Last Of The Big Time Drinkers 'cause they rarely play it.

I don't know why I bothered writing that really but there it is anyway :)








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