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Led Zeppelin Bootlegs

Vincent Vega

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Hey, does anyone have any bootleg concerts from the 1969-1975 era and the 1979-1980 of Led Zeppelin? Any from that last tour in '80?

I'm looking for more too. But I have a few including a Zeppelin "tribute album". I forgot who Led Zeppelin was paying tribute to but it is the RAREST Led Zeppelin bootleg. It came from some studio sessions or something. I'll check the disc. Just PM me and I'll tell you what I have. :)

edit: I'll just PM you.

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9-04-1970 (Live On Blueberry Hill)

? -??-1970 (Live in Pacific Coliseum)

? -??-1972 (The Lost Sessions, Vol 2 - Bombay Magic)

3-11-1975 (For the Benefit of Anyone Making a Bootleg)

5-19-1975 (Tympani For The Butter Queen)

? -??-1977 (Listen to This, Eddie)

? -??-1980 (Knebworth, One of the Shows?)

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I've got a really good compilation from June 1980, its all SBD sourced. Here's the tracklist:

CD1 (70:17):

1. Train Kept A-rollin' (1980-06-29 Zurich)

2. Nobody's Fault But Mine (1980-06-30 Frankfurt)

3. Black Dog (1980-06-29 Zurich)

4. In The Evening (1980-06-29 Zurich)

5. The Rain Song (1980-06-30 Frankfurt / 1980-06-29 Zurich)

6. Hot Dog (1980-06-29 Zurich)

7. All My Love (1980-06-29 Zurich)

8. Trampled Underfoot (1980-06-30 Frankfurt)

9. Since I've Been Loving You (1980-06-30 Frankfurt)

10. Achilles Last Stand (1980-06-29 Zurich)

CD2 (67:16):

1. White Summer (1980-06-30 Frankfurt)

2. Black Mountain Side (1980-06-30 Frankfurt)

3. Kashmir (1980-06-30 Frankfurt / 1980-06-17 Dortmund)

4. Stairway To Heaven (1980-06-29 Zurich)

5. Rock And Roll (1980-06-29 Zurich)

6. Money (1980-06-30 Frankfurt)

7. Whole Lotta Love Medley (1980-06-30 Frankfurt)

8. Heartbreaker (1980-06-29 Zurich)

9. Communication Breakdown (1980-06-23 Bremen)

I have it in lossless right now, but tonight I'll convert it and upload it. ;)

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