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Radiohead-"O.K. COmputer"


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I'm sure there has been a thread about this album in here.......but when I searched it didn't come up.

So what are everyone thoughts on OK Computer.

Do you like it hate? Do you think its too pretentious? Do you think it gets to much "love" critically or not enough? Is it "The Album of 90's?"

I'll start.

I love this album.

I think it is with a doubt maybe the best "Complete Album", I have ever heard. Radiohead is not favorite band, but this may be my favorite album and thats saying lot

As for the critics....while I do tend think it gets too much praise sometimes, it deserves it.

They only albums IMO that could even come close to surplanting it as "The Album the 90's" is U2's"Achtung Baby" or MBV's "Loveless"......but I think OK Computer is just a little bit better than those two.

Fave Songs:

"Lucky"- The guitar solo toward the end is amazing

"Airbag"- Great opener.

"Exit Music"- for a Film-Love how it builds up slowly and finally the payoff is spectacular.

For fans of the band, I recommend picking up the Airbag EP. It contains about 6 songs that were left off the album; these songs, while not as good as some the album cuts, are good.

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its fucking shite, i had to scan through it just to check the songs when i got an mp3 of it and i hated every second i had to listen to it, iv seen them on mtv and they are crap, one of the most overated bands iv ever heard

Hmm....well that is your opinion, so fine. Radiohead really are of those bands that you either "get it" or you don't.

I would say maybe give another listen......as it is a "grower" for some people.

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Love it, as well as the classics like Karma Police and Paranoid Android, there's all those tasty gems like Airbag, Exit Music, Let Down, Electioneering, Climbing up the Walls etc. It's not an album I would call "perfect" as there are those songs I'm not quite partial to. But it's a great album, Let Down is my favourite song right now :wub:

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Radiohead was horrible when they released Creep,and they haven't improved since.The voice on Karma Police is soo annoying. Another example of the horrible genre of "art rock"

Pluss Scott Tenorman likes Radiohead,meanwhile Cartman has sung Journey,Styx and Asia.Which character is cooler :D ?

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A good album but very overrated in my opinion. Too much 'safe-zone' music for me... I like "The Bends" and "Pablo Honey" better.

Not trying to "knock you", but what do you mean safe zone music. Music that is safe in my opinion doesn't sound like this album.........I mean are you saying it needs the curse words that Appetite had? If so I would say to that swear/curse words to shock people does not make album.........it totally about the content. Again I am not tryin to insult you, I would like to elaborate on what you mean if you have the time. Peace.

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